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Adept I

Screen randomly flashing at RX 6700XT

Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: ASUS TUF Gaming RX 6700 XT
CPU: RYZEN 5 5600X
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming x570 PRO (Wi-Fi)
BIOS Version: 3602
RAM: 32GB (2x16GB) G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 3600MHZ CL17
Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO 20H2
GPU Drivers: Adrenalin Driver Version: 21.3.1
Monitor: Samsung 27" C27RG50

I bought this Asus TUF RX 6700XT last Tuesday and it seems the GPU is having issues (not sure hardware or software). I noticed multiple screen flashing or black screen for less than a second, and some times is not the entirely window though and it seems to happen when the GPU is not under load. I haven't experienced the black screen/screen flashing while gaming but mostly when browsing, working on a terminal etc

Performing tests over the weekend at the point at completely wiped my disk, replaced all the cables, tested different monitor and GPU cards (1030 2060 without issues) I found that the issue is more frequent at 144Hz (on both monitors) happening up to 3 times per minute. While running at 240Hz issues would happen twice every 10 minutes and running at 120Hz issue happening once in a while. Screen goes black and return for a second, sometimes part of the window open is blacked and images reaper after moving the mouse over or resizing the window. I played at 120Hz for about 30 minutes and didn't notice any issue.

At this reddit post I have added pictures and videos related to the issue including all the testing I did over the weekend.

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Ok that is relieving to know, thanks for info.


It's driver. In Windows 10 with 21.8.1 works fine. In Windows 11 screen flashing since leaked ISO. Need to wait for official Windows 11 drivers then i will install Windows 11 again. Windows 11 RTM release date: 5. October. Beta sucks. Too many bugs.


How's everyone getting on with this? I recently thought it had gone away, as for about 2 days it was totally fine. However seems to be back again, even after this new 21.9.1 update.. No fix??


@Bryydog, are you using Windows 10?


For me still happening with 21.9.1 in Windows 11. I had this in Windows 10 also.


In Linux never had this problem.


@Sandi1987yeap, still in windows 10..


Was thinking of getting the card RMA'd, but unsure if a new card would fix the issue?


rma not helps, already use second card with same issue.

Issue exist in public 21.9.1 driver.

I use beta uwp driver from win 11 developer build with hags support that resolve this problem for me.


@FarIK17, do you have latest v30.0.13015.1002 UWP driver from Guru3D forum?


I use previous driver v30.0.13011.1004, because v30.0.13015.1002 is missing control panel in desktop context menu and not stable for me


Do you think Windows 11 is problem or drivers?


it's not win11, cause I am using win10 and having those issues.


I don't have this issue in Ubuntu Linux.


The same with 21.9.2.



Hey,  same problem here,  i have TUF 6700xt,  i think its BIOS-Driver problem with core and memory clocks..... AMD please fix this! 


@Korpus Are you using Windows 10 or 11?


Im using win10 updated to the latest update,  amd chipset drivers,  latest  MB bios version,  when i start my pc everything is normal web scrolling and then i start a game,  game works nicely,  and then when i end the game and back to desktop web browser  or open another app the frame goes black or white wiggle mouse  and all normal.  Before  i had vega 56 no issues,  i think i has to do with voltage and memory-core clocks. Because 6700 is the only card overclocked so much from the 6000 series.... 


I have the TUF Gaming Radeon RX 6700 XT DUAL-RX6700XT-12G, and have the same issues exactly. The screenshots on page 1 are exactly how my issue manifests.

Also worth noting is that the BIOS will not show up in GPU-Z lookup. I was hoping to find a different BIOS version to try. (I was in Quiet BIOS mode, so I will try again in OC mode BIOS)

I am very disappointed, I had similar issues with a Radeon VII (just screen flicking randomly, which was widespread and NEVER remedied.) my 5700XT is fine. Basically every second AMD GPU I get has poor BIOS/drivers that never get fixed.

If the next WHQL or Windows Roll-up does not fix this issue, I will try to mod BIOS to idle  (minfreq) the GPU at 300Mhz, as I believe it is the idle to 0MHz that is the issue. the card spikes in usage and the frame buffer craps out. This is a card issue, because (unlike the Radeon VII issues) this never hits Windows logs.

Moreover i contend the frame buffer memory must be fine, as gaming presents absolutely no corruption, which makes me further suspect it is an idle clock and how windows handles it, which is the issue.

If a BIOS mod or driver does not resolve this soon, I will HAVE to go team green from here on out, which is a shame as I like AMD cards open APIs and longevity for gaming.

I think the same thing, I don't know should we wait for amd to fix it or asus to throw new bios update.


Should i do Dual Boot Windows 11 and Windows 10 because this thing? Screen flashing less or the same in Windows 10 compare to Windows 11?


The same in Windows 10. No point to have Dual Boot Windows 11 + Windows 10.


IMG_20211003_174537.jpgI will wait until Nov. for drivers, if it does not resolve i have to RMA card....this is awful

At least Asus TUF has 3-Year warranty


in gaming it works in desktop and browsing its artifacting start bar, black and white desktop-frames



So Windows 11 is not problem but drivers?


Currently  i have win 10, i will  try  with  DDU and new driver 21.10.1.  And then  i will upgrade to win11 and try again.... But my gut is telling me RMA card and pay extra for 6800xt or rtx3080....


New BIOS AGESA, new windows 10 update KB4023057, DDU cleanup,new driver 21.10.1. + factory reset.....



-Monitor has stopped randomly blinking (like a drive update)

-Web scrolling is now fixed (no more white page) Firefox update oct.5. ?



-Start-task bar here an there artifacts or search bar disappears, when mouse wiggle over it its back to normal

(specialy when using performance test-passmark benchmark)

-Here and there white box when opening a folder ( but im not shure, now is ok)


The update of the BIOS solved the problem? Could you tell how did you do that? I have a 6700 XT Asus DUAL with the same issue.



i have the same gpu and same issues, i think it might have to do with the rx 6700xt in general
i dont have time for rma and at this point i'd just get a refund


What's your monitor? AOC Q27G2 Series?

I've got similar cases, screen flicker, monitor keeps rebooting right after HDR toggled on (and you just can't turn off hdr unless reset gpu driver). It now works correctly by lowering gpu、vram oc freq and voltage. Haven't test HDR function.

Motherboard MSI b550m mortar wifi

CPU 3600 XT 

GPU 6700 XT (driver version 21.9.1, 21.9.2, 21.10.1)

Monitor AOC Q27G2S/D

RAM Crucial C9BKV 3733MHz C15


Yeah, so far it sounds like a software issue. 

Journeyman III

Same problem in October, SCUM is unplayable and I've had issues with a couple other games crashing that got updated with this awful lineup of drivers.


Driver 21.10.1 is more stable than 21.10.2. It works perfectly with version 21.10.1, other than HDR option.

Imo, you can check your gpu or RAM temperature if it's overheat, which may lead to crash. 



Are you using Windows 10 or 11?

Please someone on Windows 11 tell if screen still flashing and goes black. Windows 11 and Windows 10 GPU drivers are the same.


Tested,  21.10.1 is better,  21.10.2 is worse,  same problem in win11,  screen blinks every now and then and web browser sometimes goes white....  Today new driver 21.10.3 i have to test... 


Hello dear community,

I have the Asus Rog Strix Rx6700xt also for about 3-4 months and have since the purchase of the graphic card EXACTLY the same problem that in Deksktop mode the screen briefly goes black and black squares. On Windows 10 this was a bit worse, there are the black squares after the flickering still there until I minimized the folders / programs and opened again. On Windows 11, the problem is still there, but without black box formation but only short black flickering in the desktop....

I had paid 1100€ for this card and already tried any possibilities, however the problem is still present.

What was tried?

- Graphics card driver with DDU reinstalled several times
- Tried different graphic card drivers
- Tried power supply with different PCIE cables
-Tried different outputs (HDMI/DP)
- Connected other monitors
- Windows reset several times

I don't know what to do anymore and am very desperate. As a student you don't just have 1300€ for a new graphics card. With my Rx5700xt I had NO problems before...

Can anyone tell me what the error could be? Is this a fault of ASUS or Windows or AMD drivers?


PS. Sry for my not good englisch, it was translated from german.. is anybody from germany here?


Should i install Windows 11 or stay on Windows 10? Last time i tried it's been even worse in Windows 11 compare to Windows 10. I don't have money for new GPU. 


Power 650W or more? After testing so many factors, I doubt if graphic card overheats. You can try remove chassis side cover.

Generally, screen flickering/flashing is caused by 

1) Signal interference

2) Poor quality power supply

3) Drivers out of date 

4) GPU overheat 

5) Unstable overclock 

6) Hardware







In Windows 11 screen flashing more then in Windows 10 or less?



in my opinion it is better because the flickering don’t cause squares like in windows 10 (when you know what i mean) but flickering is still there 


Win 11 test- latest update, driver 21.10.4.

Fixed :

-Squares with artifacts-task bar

-Driver not crashing


Not fixed:

-Here and there web browser page goes white (mouse wiggle and back to normal)

-Here and there opening app like gpu-z or passmark (display goes black very fast and back to normal -flicker-)


Im waiting for Nov. drivers, if they dont fix im gonna make a switch to 6800/6900



New driver 21.11.1 still not fixed... 

I dont know AMD does not give a sh*t..... Or it is just a bad batch of ram modules on ASUS 6700 products. 


I also have the same issues on Windows desktop (latest driver 21.11.1). I do not see any problems while gaming so I hope this is not a hardware issue.