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Journeyman III

Screen flickering after using Virtual Resolution

Hello, i'm having flickering issues on both windows and in games.

When my screen options are set to 165hz and 1920x1080 (max accepted values for my screen, a Red Eagle G-Master GB2470HSU) , the area where the desktop bar flickers (pic below).  



It happened after a tried to use Virtual Super Resolution on my AMD graphics card. i set it to 7680x4320@165hz  (couldn't change to lower value because windows blocked refresh rate options) for like 2 mins then i set it to  2048x1152@165hz.

After rebooting the computer, the flickers appeared.

I have an AMD OC 6700xt card from MSI, my screen is a Red Eagle G-Master GB2470HSU.
My driver version is 22.5.1, i am on Windows 10 21H2.


- go back to my previous resolution (1920x1080) and disabled Virtual Super Resolution - did nothing

- then i did a sfc check and a DISM check - nothing

- unplugged and plugged back my DP cable - nothing.

- turned off and on the screen - nothing

- Uninstalled drivers via DDU, reinstalled with factory settings my AMD driver on 22.5.1 - did nothing

- Lowered the refresh rate to 120hz - it worked

- Create a custom resolution value with 164hz at the same resolution - it works fine, i think i'm seeing very little flickering but i can't catch it, and i'm also losing 8 bpc depth color

I'm asking here since i can't really see how to fix it and go back to 165hz (or maybe try to find the issue), or setting it so i won't experience any flickering.

I may have broke the screen because of the very high resolution i tried, but it seems weird that "1 fps below" works very fine.

164 is fine it's not like i'm wasting a lot of fps, 120 fps is fine too by the way, but i'm worried i broke the screen, my graphics card or something.


Here's my display informations from AMD driver (sorry it's in french) :

Informations temporelles - Horizontal - Vertical
Total - 2080 - 1110
Affichage - 1920 - 1080
Palier avant - 48 - 3
Largeur de synchro - 64 - 5
Polarité - Positif - Positif

Entrelacé/Progressif - Progressif
Horloge de pixels G. (KHz) - 378640
Taux de rafraîchissement G. (Hz) - 163.999
Surveillance d'état du lien HDMI - Désactivé
Paramètres de liaison actuels - 2.7 Gbps x 4
Plage FreeSync - 48 à 164 Hz signalé par affichage


Thanks for any help !

2 Replies

Is there a reason WHY you set the resolution at double 4K?  You never said what size monitor.  That model only shows 5 different sizes and the recommended resolution on the 27" is 2K and the 28" is 4K  @150Hz 8megapixel, the other 3 are all1920 x 1080. 

There is a possibility that you have damaged your monitor by running the resolution that far out of its parameters. 

Especially if the warranty says it will void the warranty if you do so.  What did you hope to gain?  The older Eyefinity let you run 2 monitors at that resolution.


Hi and thanks for your reply. i did it for a very dumb reason : i just wanted to take a big screenshot of a work and put it in a slideshow, and for the test (yes it's totally dumb). I came back to a lower resolution ASAP because i thought it could break something.

To clarify, i have the  23" 1920x1080@165 hz version. I checked and the warranty is voided.

I could change my screen and return it to confirm the screen has been damaged, but i can't right now.

I will lower the refresh rate to 160hz or 120hz, never try to do that again.

I only have one screen, so Eyefinity was not an option.

I will turn off everything this night, wait some weeks with lowered values, and i will send my screen to the screen manufacturer.

As long my graphics card is not damaged or something it's fine.