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Adept I

RX6900 XT idle power draw Linux vs. Windows



I just got my new RX9600XT and I am mainly on Linux with amdgpu driver.

Without any changes the card constantly draws about 32 Watts and the Memory frequency stays at 1000MHz.

In Windows10 I can see that the card also varies the memory clock to much less that 1000MHz and the power

draw varies too down to 10 Watts. Why do I not get the same energy saving in Linux as in Windows10?





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Adept I

I made some "progress"...

I was on Linux Kernel 5.10.52 and changed to Kernel 5.14-rc5.

I run my Monitor at 144Hz. No difference so far in power draw. But as soon as I lower my Monitor's refresh rate to 75Hz the card lowers the memory clock to about 96MHz and power draw is only 8W in idle!

So the combination of a more recent kernel AND a lower monitor refresh rate seems to enable real energy saving in idle. If I go up to 120Hz refresh rate it again does not work. I don't know whats the matter here but for me 75Hz is not acceptable so I will go back to 144Hz and live with additional 20Watt waste of power... until this, if at all will be addressed in the future...


Ps.: I opened a bug report:

Bug 214071 


Hai dude, what linux distro you used? I'm using latest fedora with ryzen 3 3200U it seems my laptop fan sound noisy and it running about 2400-3400 rpm. Did you have some problem like these?


No sorry. For my Ryzen CPU I have watercooling. My PC is totally different than your Laptop. You should check if others with the same laptop model have this problem you described. This topic is about power consumption of recent Radeon GPU's.


This also seems to be the case for RX 6800 XT on kernel 5.13.13:

GFX Clocks and Power:
1000 MHz (MCLK)
500 MHz (SCLK)
856 mV (VDDGFX)
32.0 W (average GPU)

GPU Temperature: 54 C
GPU Load: 0 %
MEM Load: 1 %

I am using LG 34 monitor on 3440x1440 @ 144Hz. But in my case lowering refresh rate does not seem to affect the temperatures.


@Psyhix69 wrote:

GPU Temperature: 54 C

My card sits at ~44 °C when idle (at 32W power draw). But I think temperature will not

decrease that much if the Radeon goes down to 8W Energy Saving. I guess its just the

memory clock that affects the current draw. Its just sitting there doing nothing at 1000MHZ.

Reducing this clock to 100Mhz like its done in Windows saves a lot of energy but I think not much

temperature because the card (mine) is already  in a quite warm environment (case)...