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Journeyman III

RX6800XT best achievement

Bought this GPU last few months ago. The best thing is all the games i played will crash within 3 ~ 5 minutes. Before, I'm using Nvidia GPU (gtx 1070), no issue at all. 

My Rig Specs:

1) AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

2) 16Gb DDR4 3200 MHz 

3) Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX6800XT 16Gb OC

I thought upgrading from Nvidia GPU to AMD GPU is a good and wise option unfortunately for now I'm quite disappointed. tried so many walkarounds (google, youtube, etc) still facing the same thing.

Until now, I felt so give up with this "awesome" GPU, anyone shares the same insight with me?

Checking my RIG compatibility with the latest game (e.g AoE IV)


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Adept I


i would first recommend reinstalling your drivers using DDU. You mentioned that you were using an Nvidia GPU, so there's a chance, a small one, that the nvidia drivers are interfering with the AMD drivers if you didn't uninstall them. Another scenario to do is to backup your important files and reinstall your PC, but i guess from watching youtube you already seen this one and the other.

Also, whats your PSU? Another problem could be is that power your getting in to your GPU isn't enough or that the PSU isn't working properly.


Hi @mariuksk2 , thanks for the reply. 

Fyi, yes I did uninstall the previous graphic using DDU, reinstall and the problem still persisted. 

My PSU is 800W

This is my PC spec : 




Hmm my friend had a similar problem, but he didn't buy a new graphics card. He started a game and after 5 minutes it would crash(On any game also). A few weeks later he was playing an old game without any problems, but after 1hour of playing the he saw smoke coming from the PSU and basically something burned in the PSU...

How long have you been using it? And what certification is it? It really feels to me like it's a PSU problem, maybe it deteriorated overtime, ineffiecent power delivery.

Are you running everything on stock settings? Overclocking something? Or maybe you accidently did something in the BIOS in which case i would recommend clearing the CMOS to reset all the settings, just to make sure and clear any doubts.

Hope it's not the GPU  



Hi @mariuksk2 , thanks for keep replying my thread. 

The PSU was bought recently last June 2021. The same goes for the GPU. 

When I check the game log, I found out this was logged. 






so codes are not my specialty, but after googling around and asking a few friends here are some additional solutions:

1. Update your motherboard BIOS. This may help if there are some settings that are corrupted and would fix them (power settings and etc.).

2. Clean dxsetup. You probably already found this on google, but if not, you can try this.

3. When you start a game, does your GPU act normal? Tempertures good? Try to run a stress test on your GPU and see how the fans are behaving and what are the tempertures.

4. Try to underclock your GPU, because it that fixes it, it means something is faulty with the power delivery or power funcionality in the GPU itself, in which case i would RMA the GPU.

5. Dumb suggestion, but check if your components are fully connected, the cables also.

Also, if there's a possibility, i would find a game that can be ran on Vulcan, not directx and see how that works.


Really want to help, the situation with GPUS is not fun at all and getting it just to have problems is not fun

Adept III

It happened many times that after switching from NVIDIA to RADEON, video cards worked poorly, but after reinstalling the system, the problems with the video card disappeared. Although reinstalling the operating system itself is not a panacea. Otherwise, AMD video cards work well if there is no video card defect and an operating system that is not damaged.


I did run GPU benchmark . Here is the result .

So the GPU has no problem and the result was amazing.



Sadly,i have no more tips

The score looks good, its just strange that you replaced your gpu and it started this problem yet the gpu shows no bad behaviour. Maybe something happened with other components. You can try to carefully disassemble your PC and put everything back together. Like i mentioned, maybe before you added the GPU you decided to clean your PC and didn't connect everything. 

Can you also run a CPU benchmark?


@Administraitor wrote:

I did run GPU benchmark . Here is the result .

So the GPU has no problem and the result was amazing.


have you tested along with cpu and ram?