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Journeyman III

Rx580 Black screen

Hey guys, This is an update to my old post which was kind of sloppy and informal.
So this all started about a 2 weeks ago, I got this card ( RX 580 ) second handed, plugged it in, downloaded drivers.
And it worked great, Ran games, computed, AMD software opened and all that.

And one day I turned on my pc, And it black screened when it reached the login screen, Thought that was weird so I rebooted, same thing.
Unplugged GPU, booted again and deleted old drivers, Turned off pc, plugged in GPU and booted again.

Ran the AMD driver installation, Then out of nowhere my pc freezes when downloading, Wasn't able to use power button so i unplugged it from the wall.
Tried reinstalling again, same thing happened, crashes when downloading.

Reached out to reddit, Tried fresh install of windows, Didn't help.
Tried reflashing BIOS, also didn't help.
Reflashed Mobo BIOS, didn't help either.

I was completely dumbfounded, Tried everything and nothing was working.
In safe boot, it shows up as Microsoft Generic Display Adapter, When downloading drivers in safe boot the pc doesn't freeze / crash
But when getting out of safe boot, it black screens.

Im super confused why this just randomly happened without warning, just out of the blue.
The fans are spinning and its picking up in device manager, but i cant download drivers or use it outside of safe boot.

I'm really sad that all this happened cause i was excited to finally play games i've been waiting to play forever.

List of things I've tried doing ( to hopefully fix the issues )
1. Windows redownload ( Didn't fix the issue )
2. GPU BIOS reflash ( Didn't fix the issue )
3. Motherboard BIOS reflash ( Didn't fix the issue )
4. DDU driver uninstaller ( Didn't fix the issue )
5. 3'rd party drivers ( Nimez / Amernime ) ( Didn't fix the issue )

You can also read my reddit thread about this for more info / steps i tried Reddit post here


  1. PSU : aero cool superb 600w
  2. GPU : AMD Rx 580 Sapphire 4GB DDR5
  3. Motherboard : ASUS H110M-E/M.2
  4. Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
  5. 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable) 2133 MHz
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