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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

RX480 displayport monitors blinking randomly

Powercolor reference card I believe, 8GB GDDR5

Power supply is Corsair RM650x, GB GA-Z170X-UD5 TH motherboard latest MB BIOS, Skylake processor, 16GB RAM, all M2 or SSD drives, no spindles.

No overclock anywhere.

Running generally current AMD driver packages, currently 19.1.1, BIOS date 2016/06/03

Win10/64 latest releases, .

I got (3) LG 24MP59G, freesync compatible, monitors for Christmas. This is the issue: 

All 3 monitors randomly blink in and out. It is worse when I am just logging into Windows, as in the YouTube video linked or if I go between Eyefinity and normal modes. Either more reboots or just wait and eventually it stops and I can work normally until the next reboot or game that uses Eyefinity

Mouse seems non-responsive while this is happening

sometimes the blinking pauses briefly and the systems responds normally for just a second or 2, then starts again.

There is an Oculus rift plugged into the HDMI port but unplugging it made no difference

I have disabled freesync on the monitors and the Radeon settings

reset Radeon settings to factory defaults

Stripped out the AMD drivers and reinstalled (AMD clean install methods)

tried the color depth at 6bpc.

Purchased Startech 'certified' cables. No change. 

power saver and standby 'off' on the monitors

Previous setup on this card was 3 old Dell monitors with combination of display port and some DP to DVI adapters which seemed to work fine.


I have used ATI cards since `98? including Rage, Radeons and several All In Wonders. Would like to stay with AMD but I like to not have these types of issues more.


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