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Journeyman III

RX 7900 xtx crashing

Hey, was wondering in anyone could maby help me.

My System is Running the following specs:

R9 5900x

RX 7900 xtx Phantom Gaming (AS Rock)

32gb G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 mhz cl 14

2x samsung 970 evo plus

1200W LC Power PSU

Asus X570 E-Gaming

All in an O11XL with 12 120mm fans 3x360 Radiators (ohne Push/Pull) 

Currently only the CPU is watercooled, since I wanted to test the new gpu first.


Basicly my problem is that sometimes during Gaming my pc just shuts down, and wont boot until you turn of the Power on the psu and wait for the remaining Power to drain. Its only occuring since I installed the new gpu, wich is connected to the psu with 3 sepperate cables. 

I think it is a Power Problem since the highest temps I have seen where around 85 C, but at least in theory my psu should be capable of handling the powerdraw. Also something weird is, that this only occures in the eavening, never in the morning or at midday, even when put under 100% load for an hour.


Any idea how to go about this problem is welcome


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Adept III

It definitely seems like a power supply issue. Could be that the power supply just isn't great at handling transient spikes. I had a 1250W InWin Platinum rated PSU that was brand new and it was an issue. Swapped to an 850W Corsair and boom no issue.

Thanks, gonna try with another psu once I get hold of one.

In the meantime I undervolted the card and startet using frame rate limits, which seems to be working so far.