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Journeyman III

RX 6950 XT, power distribution between connectors.

I have the AsRock Phantom Gaming RX 6950 XT, the power consumption is <=300 watt
This card has the 3 8pin connectors, and I connect 3 cables from PSU. 1 PSU connector to 1 GPU connector.

How power is distributed between connectors:

1 to 75 watts to PCI and the rest of the power is equally divided between 3 8pin connectors?
1 to 75 watts to PCI and the some of 8pin connector take up to 150 watts and the rest transfer to the next 8pin connectors?
or in some other way?

Main goal is to know how is transfer the power between connectors, to know what wire gauge for custom power cables to select, 18AWG or thicker 16AWG?

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The power distribution between connectors on the AsRock Phantom Gaming RX 6950 XT graphics card is typically as follows:

  1. 75 watts are provided through the PCI Express (PCIe) slot.
  2. The remaining power is evenly divided between the three 8-pin power connectors.

So, if the total power consumption is within the specified limit of <=300 watts, it means that each 8-pin connector will receive roughly the same amount of power. However, it's important to note that power distribution may vary depending on the specific design and implementation of the graphics card.

In terms of wire gauge for custom power cables, it is recommended to use thicker wire gauges such as 16AWG to ensure sufficient power delivery and minimize potential voltage drops. Thicker wires can handle higher currents with less resistance, which helps maintain stable power supply to the graphics card and prevents overheating or performance issues.

PC Hardware Specialist

Follow the standard and be mindful that a 6950XT AIB shouldn't be under 300watts.
I have more than that with a RoG Strix 6800 at full load.

The reference card is rated at 335Watt


Each 8pin connector should support up to 150Watt, although sometimes it will spike.

The most basic 8pin cables are made with 16AWG but higher end like cablemod uses 18AWG.



The Englishman