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Journeyman III

Rx 6950 xt junction temperature above 112 degrees.


So I decided to set up settings as one guy on YouTube and unfortunately for some reason the junction temperature exceeded 110 to 112 degrees after 5 mins of 100% usage. It started jumping like 128 degrees 90.

The current temperature was fine, like 77 degrees. Is there anything I can do with it?

With default settings junction is about 100 degrees.


Card is RX 6950 XT reference edition.

2 Replies

are you manually overclocking your GPU card?

If the Hot Spot goes above 110c it is overheating and throttling.

If you reset everything back to "Default" in Radeon Settings are you still getting those high temperature?

Because the image you showed you have "Custom" settings enabled.

First: I would first check to make sure you have good air flow inside your PC by removing the side panel and see if the GPU runs cooler. Same with the CPU temperatures.

If it does then you have poor air circulation inside your PC.

Second: I would check to make sure the GPU Heat Sink and fan is clean and the air flow is not obstructed.

Third: Make sure you fans are running at Maximum when it gets at or above 80c. Try to create an aggressive Fan Profile where the fans turn on at a lower temperature and and goes to maximum at a lower temperature.

Fourth: if it continues to go above 100c I would consider to change the Thermal paste if it doesn't void your Warranty otherwise I would suggest to open a Warranty ticket to have them check out the GPU card.

NOTE: Just learned that if the GPU Hot Spot goes to 118c the GPU card will shut down.


Yes. It were my custom settings. On normal mode I had temperatures 81 average and junction 99. 

The problem was with custom fans settings. It were running so slow and curve was bad. After changing it the temperatures are 'fine' (fine because 78 degrees is still pretty high but I guess it's amd thing).