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Adept I

Rx 6900xt Performance Katastrophe

Even if this certainly does not reach the "right" ones, I have to let off my steam here and hope that I will finally find one fixed.

But first of all: Honestly Amd.. I am immensely disappointed. Your cards don't work any better than they did a few years ago. Even then you had to struggle through the extremely badly made driver and today it is still exactly the same.

Again comes an update and Warzone is again not included. My God it can't be so hard to bring a working performance patch that fixes these infinitely annoying microstutters. Or will there be nothing more to come? The network is full of Rx 6900 xt users who have problems. I spent hours fixing the problem and had all installed parts in suspicion .. It can only be the card/driver.

So please if you have a working solution to fix the Microruckler/Stutter/Lags I am grateful for every tip!

Ryzen 7 5800xt, Rx 6900xt, Msi x 570 a pro, 32 GB gskill ripjaws 3200, corsair aio water cooling, 850 watt at quit dark pro.

Really got through everything and just can't get rid of the "jerks". It only occurs on Warzone.

Thank you very much

p s Didn't want to be toxic but it's so exhausting.

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