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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT huge GPU usage and FPS drops problem

Hi Guys

I am having a problem with my new RX 6800XT card (at least i think it might be the card because before everything was ok with GTX 1080). In general after an hour or so of gaming in games (Valhalla, Rage 2) that push the card the hardest (2300Mhz and over) suddenly out of nowhere GPU usage drops down to actually zero, as well as FPS of course and it goes up and down like this forever. When I turn off the game, it goes down to zero and trying another game (even less demanding) gives the same results - unplayable. To make it work again i need to restart the computer. In general it doesn't happen in tests like OCCT or 3D Mark or less demanding games (but I guess it might have something to do with the clocks which basically never go over 2200Mhz in those tests) or at least I haven't noticed anything like that after an hour OCCT test or two hours playing Spellforce 3 for example. I am attaching pictures of HWMonitor and Radeon Soft made when it happens. All my drivers are up to date. I am also not using any OC (just XMP profiles for RAM) - checked the memory - no problems. 

My computer: 

Ryzen 7 3700x



PSU SilentiumPC 750w

Any ideas????? 


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32gigs ram

Everything boots SSD

I only have a 1080p 165 


OK if u have low gpu usage ...

Try this .

Turn off radeon chill and enhanced sync 

Turn off freecync or gsync 

Go to adrenalin then go to setting then go to display , then turn on virtual super resolution 

Run game and instead of 1080p set the resolution on 4k ..

This will solve low gpu usage problem and your min fps will boost dramatically and games will run way more smoother


This is not a real fix, only a workaround. I have an RX 6700 XT and am suffering from the same problem. It's riddiculous when you get less FPS on a new card than your older one because the new one is so 'smart' that it thinks it should be underclocking constantly when running older/less demanding games. No setting the overclock manually doesn't really fix the problem the GPU still refuses to be fully utilised by these games. How has this been an issue documented on this forum and on reddit for so long yet been ignored? Next time I will buy an Nvidia GPU.