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Journeyman III

RX 6800 XT huge GPU usage and FPS drops problem

Hi Guys

I am having a problem with my new RX 6800XT card (at least i think it might be the card because before everything was ok with GTX 1080). In general after an hour or so of gaming in games (Valhalla, Rage 2) that push the card the hardest (2300Mhz and over) suddenly out of nowhere GPU usage drops down to actually zero, as well as FPS of course and it goes up and down like this forever. When I turn off the game, it goes down to zero and trying another game (even less demanding) gives the same results - unplayable. To make it work again i need to restart the computer. In general it doesn't happen in tests like OCCT or 3D Mark or less demanding games (but I guess it might have something to do with the clocks which basically never go over 2200Mhz in those tests) or at least I haven't noticed anything like that after an hour OCCT test or two hours playing Spellforce 3 for example. I am attaching pictures of HWMonitor and Radeon Soft made when it happens. All my drivers are up to date. I am also not using any OC (just XMP profiles for RAM) - checked the memory - no problems. 

My computer: 

Ryzen 7 3700x



PSU SilentiumPC 750w

Any ideas????? 


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Adept I

Have my 6800xt too, has problems with dota 2, seems like its just dont work fine. We need to w8 when they get all drivers done, coz (for example) in RDR2 all is ok)

I got the same problem what I should do?


man I thought I was imagining things in Dota 2. Of all the games, it's not that demanding


I fixed a bunch of drops in games with turning on this setting can anyone try it on your system and see if it works.  Under global graphics. Click advance. Turn on frame rate target control and I just set mine to 1000.  I know this isn't what this feature is for but it increases my benchmark scores and in passmark 3d dx9 and lower end test it increases the fps dramatically and no big drops. 


Make sure you are reporting it to AMD. There is a Bug Report in Radeon Settings.

You can notify AMD support here:

Adept I

I have the same exact problem but I have a non XT almost same build. I talked to AMD yesterday and they sent me an email to try and troubleshoot (which I explained I already had done all possible) I did it and nothing I had to reply back with my results as well as a report they asked me to send and according to them they’ll get back with me and try some more troubleshoot as well as some benchmarks. I have problems is when running COD I get super low fps and my usage like yours goes from 80% to 3% and so forth. If they’re troubleshoot doesn’t work we would get a replacement card from them.

Journeyman III

unlock fps on the game and it will fix the problem ıf gpu can reach %100 load. But ı want to use freesync and fps limit. why ı have to struggle these kind of things?

Journeyman III

Propably GPU can not adjust clocks well on the game. I mean gpu frequencys are not on maximum values like nvidia performance mode. I returned 5700xt for the same problem. when you play easy games like dota or counter strike which are  do not push gpu limits. On the more demanded scenes it try to adjust frequencys BUT it can not do it. You can not make the frequencys highest point like nvidia maximum performance option on the geforce driver. I tried everything but when you limit the FPS on the game gpu was started shuttering unexpectedly. I WANTED to make it push max but ı could not.  If gpu always working %90-100 load on the game ı mean ı have 144hz monitor and game can reach 80fps or something(unable to reach 144hz) there was no problem. The problem on easy game which gpu uses energy saver mode on gpu clocks.( idiotic) I have doubts about 6800xt, it seems it has same problem with drivers again. I am not going to buy this GPU until amd fix this silly driver issues.

im was just install my minimum clock on 2000 mHz for dota 2 and problem looks like solvedScreenshot_14.png

hi brother did you put the power limit on the max 15 % ?? 


hey brother did you put the power limit on the max ??

I mean 15% or you let it by default 0% ?


hi all

i have exactly the same problem with Fornite for example.

i have 300fps and it drops to 50 fps. its very unstable.


during fornite game

Adept I


I have the same problem with my 6800xt. and a friend of mine who bought the same card has the same problem. That's a serious problem, that's not just 1 isolated problem....

Did you guys found a solution ? Or a tip to reduce this problem ?

I have the same problem in many games. GPU clock goes up and down and never holds maxed out. 

i have this issue also my gpu clock speeds are all over the place i have a XFX MERC 319 6800XT. is my card broken or will a driver update in the future fix this?


i have the same problem, my gigabyte rx 6800xt makes few fps in game.


I got a xfx merc 6800xt my frame rate just stays are 74fps on every game I play yet I run a benchmark test I get 2444mhz and 230fps anyone have and idea how to solve it ive tried changing setting and I still can’t seem to get it going the fans barely turn on on most games


I got the xfx 6800xt and i got the same problem my card is pretty much brand new

Adept I

When your ingame and this happens and you alt R for the overlay does the AMD screen flicker?

Adept II

I am having the same problem in Crysis and Battlefield 1 I applied all the solutions to the page to no avail

Adept III

Run your game in full screen and disable AMD Freesync. 

That was the "fix" for me to increase fps and have a more stable game. AMD still has a lot to do with these drivers.


The problem was not solved due to a factory defect of course between rdn2 and cryengine .. **bleep** how bad this is.

Adept I

I'm having the same problem with a 6900 XT too. Fluctuates like crazy if I play non demanding games, what makes them sometimes unplayable and even unstable, too.

In Beat Saber for example up and down the clockrange "0, 40, 100, 2300, 0. 2300, 40 etc" This needs to be fixed, the driver seems to "powersave" for some ms. Voltage and core clock fluctuate and the game suffers and sometimes even crashes at one of those "drops down to 0".

I want to use the potential performance of this card in non demanding games. But at least I don't want it to stutter or even crash in those titles. In demanding titels (with uncapped fps) this GPU is a beast - no issues at all.

Was there any statement from AMD regarding this issue?

If I read how long users are reporting this: I'm scared, AMD.  


Any solution yet?


I wouldn't call it a solution, but I can mitigate it a bit through supersampling. For example, if I play a DX11 VR game and I have it rendered in a resolution of 9000 x 4500 (2x 4500x4500) then the game runs better and smoother (funny). This is of course very weird behavior that I haven't seen in 20 years. But it prevents the frequent jumps to 2D clocks (shows two digits or 0 in GPU-Z. Voltage reads @0.75v or 0 while pushing 120fps -> crash or stutter)  and then: Up again to 2300 (if not crashed).

With a lot of resolution / SS the voltage stays up -> smooth frame times, no crashes or stutters. So I think something is wrong with the boost behavior at low loads. Btw, AMD: It would also be nice if there was a manual option to set a true minimum clock (at least 800Mhz) , which can be switched on in the event of such major problems. That shouldn't be the fix, but it should be a driver option.

My observation is that, for example, smaller games based on the Unity engine are suitable for reproducing the behavior. I'm a bit worried that these issues will not be fixed in a timely manner due to the focus on AAA DX12 games. In any case, I'm very frustrated and sometimes I think about changing camps for my VR system. (Please no! I don't want to! ).

My system ist super stable under high load, in bechmarks, games and stress tests. The chip is able to undervolt or overclock a lot. (It's not a faulty, instable GPU). PSU: 1000W

For anyone that has the same issue. My scores are down across the board for anything NOT DX12. DX12 benchmark scores increased while everything else decreased. Yes, people still use these older benchmarks on HWBot and on my personal discord server.

Driver version 21.3.1 vs 21.5.1


3DMark Firestrike


3DMark Vantage

Everything decreased except Port Royal and Time Spy, which are DX12. This, despite having a faster CPU with more cores and higher GPU clocks (according to the test results)



You know, even FIFA 21 has problems with the 6800

Adept I

i have the same problem with my xfx 6800xt speedster in every game except gta v!

only in gta v the problem dont occur

but in other games such as horizen zero dawn or red dead 2 gpu usage fluctuate so bad and suddenly goes to 20% or less every few seccond ..

the only solution i have come up to was using virtual super resulotion and using 4k resuloutin in game and scale down to 1440p which is my native monitor resoulution ..

with that flucutating gpu usage will gone and frame rate will stable ..

but in demanding games i can barely get 60 fps with this .. but it is  better than playing with frame drops to 20!

Journeyman III

Same problem with PUBG. Utilization jumping from 0 to 50-100, every few seconds, which makes game looks like slideshow, literally. Always happens around 10 minutes after game started. Probably, it is a peak moment during First Zone starting to decrease and all players around map starting to rotate. That makes the most loading for CPU, probably. What is interesting, I can play one session for few hours with no lags. Next day, after PC is rebooted, such lags can happen in every match.

6800 XT Gigabyte Gaming OC


4K, low settings (textures high), VSYNC monitor, driver, game on. Turning VSYNC off wont help, driver settings all by default.


Nvidia responds to its users but amd asleep among the soft thorns.

Even at 4k? Because when I use virtual super resolution and make gpu bottleneck the problem will go away .. but in 1440p I have same problem and I tried every solution and it didn't work ..

Plus .. when I had 2060 super , image sharpening was so good and when I enabled it at nvidia control panel specially in games such as sekiro or red dead 2 which has bad implementation of taa , it was game changer! But with this 6800xt even when I set radeon image sharpening to 100 % .. it won't be as good as it was with 2060 s! Final image in 2060 s was better by far! With 6800 xt Only if I render game at 4k then scale down to 1440 p and then use image sharpening I can get good image quality.. even with that still I think the image quality with 2060 was slightly better ( only with turning on image sharpening and not render at 4k! )


Finally found the solution 🤩 Go to display setting , find power and sleep , go to additional option and change power plan to ultimate performance , I also changed my cpu profile in bios setting and changed it from normal to max performance mode .

This process solved the gpu usage drop problem for me

Guys ..

In what games you have this problem? 

Could u tell me? 

I think I realised what the real problem came from




For me it was PUBG


For me was horizon zero dawn specially in dense area like in game benchmark .. and red dead redemption 2 in dense area like Saint Denis! In horizen zero dawn benchmark , gpu usage fluctuated like crazy and I had insane stutters ! But after 3 months that I tested everything , I mean everyyything, even changed my cpu and bought 5600x finally I found that the problem was H.D.D!

I don't know how even is it possible that h.d.d affects gpu usage but somehow it did! So when I installed horizen zero dawn in my ssd .. the problem solved entirely and now I have very consistent fps and gpu usage keeps in 99% and there is no stutter at All

I wanted to share this experience with you guys 

So try this and see if the problem will go away or not

Journeyman III

I just bought a 6800 XT and have had the same issue with low FPS and LOW usage compared to CPU. One thing I found that did help so far in a few games, SOTR and Warzone is I set my minimum FPS and my max FPS to my monitor refresh rate. 165. it seems to make a difference in games 


What's your specs?

And what resolution u play?