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Adept I

RX 6800 XT bad performance


Bought recently RX6800XT Sapphire nitro+ and started with tests in games like League of legends and CS GO as these are my main games. I play in 2K and in League of legends in action get only 144 FPS while looking at AMD metrics dashboard i see only 60-70w consumption. Worse story with CSGO previously had RX570 and i played on 1200x1024 stretched resolution, low graphics  and received at least 180-250 FPS. Also when i try to change resolution in game then sometimes it just close the game and exit to desktop. Tried enabling VSR , 2k resolution and still same. During the Deathmatch with all same settings i receive 64-200 FPS, when there are just more action than just walls FPS immediately drops. Used driver which was released in October and after this issue poped up a updated driver which was released on 29/03/2020 still same story. Do i need to return this card?


MB: Asrock b350 pro4

CPU:Ryzen 5 2600

PSU: Corsair CX750W

RAM: G.Skill Aegis F4-3000C 16GB

Please help


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Went through your guide and still same GPU status.




Okay it's enough,refund, I spend 1400 euros to recognize that I have to wait unknown period of time to use my product, as for 8 months since release AMD didn't managed to create drivers which are capable to manage their flagship card performance. AMD really disappointed me and I will wait when Nvidia prices lowers. AMD what a garbage you create, its is not alternative to Nvidia at all.


So i returned RX6800 xt and now, thank you amd , I HAVE OT FIX EACH GAME ONE BY ONE. CS GO and league of legends. each game still sometimes stutters.