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Journeyman III

RX 6800 fan bearing exploded and leaked oil everywhere

Hi, i purchased a new rx 6800 from amd, and upon putting it into my system everything was fine, however as soon as i started some heavy gaming my pc crashed, i restarted and turned the game back on and i hear a loud pop and my cards fan literally exploded and shot oil EVERYWHERE all over my motherboard case other fans and parts. 

Hows the RMA process for this?I've emailed them 2 days ago and no response yet. if any of my other parts are fried and they determine the sealed fan bearing did pop will they replace what is fried? Honestly can't believe this thing passed quality control.  I've checked my AIO, and other fans and nothing is leaking. I've also taken pictures of inside the fans of the gpu and you can see the same fried on dots under the fans. The gunk got all in the second pcie gpu slot any ideas on how i should get it out & clean everything? I've heard ISO+Qtips are good, but due to the pandemic i can't find anything but 50% iso which i feel has to much water.

Under that second m.2 slot it's covered as well.

Took the backplate off and you can see 2 fried on circles from when the thing poped.


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