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Adept II

RX 6800 Black screen under load

So not the first one to get this issue, there have been countless topics about this, and AMD has been a bit silent on this lineup. Would we be seeing any driver updates this month? 

To summarize the issue:

During gaming, all monitors go black, the GPU fans sometimes swing at full speed or remain at the same fan level, all lights are still on, the audio cuts off 4-5 seconds after that happens, then the lights turn off. I can't do anything except hard reset the PC

I've mostly noticed this happening under heavy load (GPU usage 80-100%) especially with a video playing in the background. This is not mandatory as the black screen crash could happen randomly within 5-10 minutes of gaming

Tried all possible solutions so far:

Manually updating drivers
Windows reinstall
CMOS reset
GPU reseat
Separate Power cable + reseat
XMP disable
Bios reset
AMD Drivers without Adrenalin
Windows Update

1 Solution

I RMA'd it and AsRock confirmed the card was defective.

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Adept II

I just returned my Shaphire Nitro+ RX 6800 XT and from what I am reading now everywhere, it looks like there is something wrong with these GPUs or drivers.

Mine would also freeze but would not need to be boosting the card for that to happen. Initially, for the first 3-4 days, the card worked 24/7 (my PC is always working) and then after the first freeze, it was constantly freezing every 7-8 hours or so. The only way to recover would be to hard reset (or pull the plug).

The same exact hardware was working with an RX580 for years... so, I know there is nothing wrong with it. PSU is 850W 1 phase.

The screen was the only thing that changed, but I have tried with my old screen 1080p and it also cracked up.

Temperatures were always safe (I usually disable the fan-off feature) around under 60C almost all the time.

I could always play very nicely for the first few hours... with the exception for a few times that 5-10 min after booting it froze in the same way.

Firmwares all updated... several drivers used, included the last ones (recommended and the not yet QLV ones for Windows).

Tried with and without FreeSync on too.... same thing. Tried also undervolt or second bios, same thing.

Returned the card which will be subject for their testing too... and hopefully, that will come out as problematic and I can get a refund to try a new one.


Journeyman III

So I was having the same problem with the crashes, underclocking the card to 85% clock speed and setting the power limit to +10 did seem to fix the issue for some games but for some games such as Sea of Thieves it didnt and the game would crash reliably every 5-10 minutes.

After installing the new AMD drivers and disabling freesync WITHOUT overclocking or underclocking the card or the power limit, basically using the card in its default state, I went into Sea of Thieves and to my surprise it didn't crash at all after playing for a while. I also tried the witcher 3 which would crash in the intro sequence when you get near the balcony if I didn't underclock my card and again, it did not crash even with the card at the default preset. Same with the Witcher 2 which would crash my system when the loading finished, this time the game actually loaded and I could play!

So to me it seems that either disabling Freesync or the new AMD drivers fixed it for me.

I will try more testing and update here if I get a crash.


@deadsailor remember to always cleanup the drivers (with AMD Cleanup tool) or select the option of Factory reset when installing new ones (assuming you always did this way, otherwise use the cleanup tool).

This will save you a huge amount of trouble.


Which RX 6800 do you have?



Thanks @MartinSd  I will give that a go today!



Make sure your card is seated completely, especially in front. The metal tabs on the card must slide into the case fully or the card can be up in front by 1-2mm or more that will cause issues. I had a heck of a time getting mine into the case and needed to tweak the tabs so it finally slid down about 2mm, fully seating the card. In the process I accidentally knocked a RAM lock off as well so one stick was just slightly popped, so watch for that too. Use a bright flashlight and really look, because it's so easy to think it's all the way down.

"It worked before you broke it!"

Micro update on my card's situation

They've been testing it in Furmark at OC for 24hs, no crash whatsoever

I told them to test in a game and not benchmark/ stress test, will see the results on Monday


That seems like a similar situation to the issues I've had with my system with a 6900XT,  At first it crashed in Furmark so they replaced the PSU and it was ok in that so they sent my system back,  However it still rebooted in games with Kernel Power 41 errors


What brand of card @Verk?


MSI Radeon 6900XT,   Reference design


 @mackbolan777 I've tried reseating before it but I'll try again. These card dwarf my old 1080.

RMA has been confirmed though so this is my last weekend of troubleshooting till I send it into the retailer for testing.

Tried the latest AMD Chipset driver too with uninstall, Reinstall, DDU then Radeon Drivers. Still nothing.

When it runs, it's runs so well. Horizon Zero Dawn at High on 1440p is absolutely gorgeous. But as a hobbyist streamer I can't do what I wanted to do with this card. .

I might try and see if they'll replace it with a different brand of card. Unfortunately the Gigabyte cards are 2.9 slot so would block the slot I use for my 10Gbe card...


Are you sure it would block that? I have a Sound Blaster Z installed below my GPU. I thought it might not fit with the red cover on, but it did with room to spare, just looked close. Now if you had an XT, or Red Devil, they are thick. Mine is also the Gigabyte RX 6800 Ultimate, not the Gaming OC, so it's ore or less a reference card, but for some reason it OC's higher than the OC model.... The model number is: GV-R68-16GC-B That one should fit ok.

"It worked before you broke it!"



I just bought a ASRock 6800, has happend on GTA 3 times

Running a thermtake 850w running each 8 pin seperate should i try both on the one cable


Thanks Mack for all the ideas to try will do that tomorrow 



Is it crashing outright or alongside other programs like Discord or a browser?

Discord , brave open and GTA , probs 10 mins into a game, there is a firmware update for my ASRock 6800 I need to do and I need to adjust some of the power settings above I'm sure that will fix it has anyone had this problem on windows 7






Here is a good video if people want to try changing there powerlimits and frequencys to help with power spikes etc






Journeyman III

I am having an absolute nightmare with my new GPU.

This is so weird... At first the card was working let's say fine. Had some low 3D mark scores, but got to the bottom of it - had some features enabled that resulted in better quality (hopefully) but lower benchmark scores. Anyway I did numer of runs no problems. Then crashes in games got more and more frequent. I figured that was a bad OC or a card that can't handle any OC. Reverted to default specs, things run OKish - I could play Horizon/Civ6/Grid for call it up to an hour no problems. I figured drivers. Did a reinstall with AMD uninstall utility, even installed the recommended WHQL November drivers. Now nothing works! I mean nothing... the second I load any game or benchmark it crashes frame one (both on WHQL November drivers or January Beta drivers).

Even tried disconnecting the power cables and physically reinstalling the card. BIOS, chipset, Windows up to date...

1. Sapphire RX6800 Pulse
2. AMD 3700X Stock
3. Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro
4. 16GB Team Group Edition 3200MHz
5. Silverstone Strider ST70F-Ti Titanium

I've run out of ideas, I can't get my head around the fact that things were OKish before, but now it's a complete disaster. Any help would be much appreciated.


do you enable DOCP/XMP at ram rated speed?


I myself do, I run xmp 3200, my ram is 3200, what do you recommend


any, which most stable to your system


I've had mine set to stock, 3200, XMP'd to 3200 and 3200 with custom timings and none had any real effect on my crashes.

The retailer are collecting the card from me today. Hopefully this whole saga will end soon...


i see. good luck to get a good quality card


I updated firmware on gfx card I also did the settings in the above YouTube video and under volted like him, was stable on 2 different benchmarks no black screens, what I did notice is when you change the settings in global all you're games are all factory settings so you have to change each one and turn free sync off.





I'm glad that works for you! Best of luck.

I just don't think I should be paying this much to have to underpower and disable features just to get it running. It's clear to me the mutterings around AMD drivers had a nugget of truth to them.

I like Gsync /Free sync. I like hardware acceleration. I like using my GPU to stream from. I hope this gets solved long term soon.