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Journeyman III

RX 6750 XT problem

Hi guys.My name is Alex. I am new here. I purchased a brand new RX 6750 XT - XFX QICK graphic card.The problem is when i play games ( CS GO, Warzone 2), randomly, after 5 minutes of gaming, the screen is getting black for 3 seconds, then comes back to normal.I mention that i can control the game, NO crashes or blue screen or restart, just randomly my screen get black for few seconds.This is very annoying because in 10 minutes it does the same about 3 - 4 times.

I want to mention that i have a quite new pc, B550 motherboard, a 620 W PSU, a Ryzen 5600x CPU and 16 GB of RAM.

Someone who met this problems and have a advice for me ?

Thank you very much !

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Journeyman III

Same problem i have black and green screen with use youtube. my card is msi 6750 XT

cpu ryzen 3700x,motherboard x570 asus strix e-gaming psu 750 w evga,32 gb ram. 

Journeyman III

Dude psu 620 is probably low for this graphics card.

Journeyman III

Hi, I have the same problem with some differences. My problem is when I play games like Cyberpunk 2077 after 10 minutes of gaming, the screen is getting black and it's crashing.
MOBO: B650-A
PSU: 650W
CPU: Ryzen 5 7600
RAM: 16 GB

If you already fixed this problem, could you please reply to this comment?

Adept I

The recommended power supply for this video card is 650 watts. Your block is weak for a configuration like yours. Your power supply under load has to work at reserve (included by the manufacturer just for such cases) power. Not surprisingly, from time to time there are "drawdowns" of voltage on the video card. Recommendation: check the specification of this video card on the manufacturer's website minimum power supply 650 watt, recommended 750 watt.