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Journeyman III

RX 6650XT freezes in games for 30-40 seconds.

So, since I've got my new RX 6650 XT I have problems. I already reinstalled Windows 10 (/Windows 11, tried both) 5 times. Clean install every time. Also installed Adrenalin countless times, used DDU. Updated BIOS. Used diffrent Adrenalin versions. Disabled HWAcceleration. Disabled Fast Boot. Using Ryzen PowerPlan. But I am STILL, getting freezes on desktop/ingame.

These happen randomly like this: First, I can't click any Buttons on my Programm thats in the foreground, then a couple of seconds later I cant even alt-tab, then my screen freezes completely. Sound usually works mid freeze, tho I had times where Spotify just stopped Playing. Mouse still moveable. Desktop (Idle) last about 10-15 seconds. Freezes ingame (mainly League of Legends and Insurgency Sandstorm because I dont play anything else atm) last AT LEAST 30 seconds close to a minute. In the case of League of Legends I can still move my Mouse, in IS i dont know (because first person shooter).

Also, rarely I get the classic Blackscreen, with the Computer still running in the Background (Sound still playing). Graphics Card shut off. Have to use the reset Button/Cut Power.

My Setup currently:

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600

RAM: 16 GIG 3000 Mhz CL 16

GPU: RX 6650XT

MB: Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 (microATX)

PSU: be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM 750W

Bios Version: F51g, CURRENT Adrenalin: 22.5.1 (before i had the latest 22.11.2, same exact issues happening more often)

No Antivirus Programs

I am really at the end of my nerves, I dont know what the heck the Problem is. Please Help me out.

Best regards!

Edit: I dont overclock anything. All standard Clocks/Voltages on all Components

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Journeyman III

Update: Reinstalled Windows 10 again without Internet. Installed Adrenaline 22.11.2. Restarted. Installed AMD Chipset Drivers. Restart. Established Internet connection and did Windows Updates. Disabled all Features that could cause Problems (HWAcceleration, Fast Boot), Im using Ryzen Balanced PowerPlan.

Outcome: Still exact same issues as described above.

Im either going to send back the Card or Im gonna try some other settings if someone has any.