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Journeyman III

RX 6600 xt Update 22.5.1 Fps Drop and Low fps

I am using msi rx 6600 xt Gaming x
Low Fps and Drops Have Been Seen In Some Games After The Last Update.
Games where I experience FPS drops Games like csgo and squad
Problem I'm Having in Csgo:
SteamNetworkingSockets lock held for 9.2ms. (Performance warning.) ServiceThread,PostConnectionStateUpdateForDiagnosticsUI
This is usually a symptom of a general performance problem such as thread starvation.
Drop and Fps drop in other games.
I installed the old driver 22.4.2 with DDU. All my problems were solved.

Windows 10 Home
ryzen 5 5600x
msi b550 a pro
16gb 3200 mhz ram
Msi rx 6600 xt Gaming x

5 Replies
Adept I

bro can u share me how to downgrade gpu driver to 22.4.2. I go the same problem on my rx 6600 xt graphic card

Journeyman III

Same problem here. 

Although I installed the previous drivers the problem is still there.

It is getting annoying, thinking of buying a new gpu only a few months after buying rx 6600 xt. 

Not AMD this time though.

Adept II

Same problem on 6600... I have downgrade by change 6500 xt to 6600 DDDDDDD. 22.6.1, 22.5.2 have bad fps in csgo

And may be i guest whats the problem.... My Mobo b350 have pci 3.0 but in gpuz my rx 6600 show ver. 1.1. So i start testing bios... I turned of resize bar and after reboot gpu z show 3.0!!! But after next reboot again 1.1. Then i turn on resize bar again in bios and again after reboot i see 3.0!!!! So it seems that trouble in resize bar and driver compability. So to use pcie 3.0 i should turn of or turn on resize bar in bios every time!!

Journeyman III

if you done try to uninstal driver or windows and the result is same maybe it is your bios setting, i just did it mine with clear cmos and now it fixed the issue