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Journeyman III

RX 580 graphics card stops giving video

Hello, I would like to comment on my problem in case someone could give me an idea of ​​what is happening.
I have an ASRock RX 580 and every time I play something there are times that in less than 5 minutes I open a game and the screen stops giving video and the sound is buggy, and the graphics card fans go up and down in power, other times he does the same but after more than half an hour of play.
The graphics card is 2 years old since I bought it. At the beginning that happened to me, I solved it by removing the thermal pad that it had and putting thermal paste, I also did an undervolt for the temperatures.
After a while it came back with the same thing, this time the thermal paste spilled out of the chipset, I cleaned it and everything was fine, then I think it lasted about a year without causing problems once every few months, maybe it did, but it was minimized a lot.
Now the problem returns to me and that a week ago I changed the thermal paste and made sure it didn't spill.

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Adept I

Hi, I had a similar problem with my RX 470 in almost 5 years of usage. In these years I tried literally EVERYTHING, so recently I went to a computer specialist and he said that my hardware components are OK, so it must be a Windows thing, in fact once I installed Linux for testing purposes and all were working perfectly. At least one workaround of the following might help you:

- Reboot your PC

OR - Remove the CMOS battery and the power cable of the GPU and reinsert them

OR - First turn on the monitor and when you'll see the message "no signal" or "no input", turn on your PC

OR - Clean install Windows with default BIOS settings and let Windows download all the drivers (don't install AMD Software!)

Please let me know if at least one of these helped you.


Thanks for the answer, Can you tell me how i let windows download the drivers without install AMD software?

Journeyman III

I think the last one could be the most useful

Adept I

You're welcome.

To perform a truly clean Windows install:

- completely format the hard drive you'll use for Windows installation (I use GParted from USB)

- reset your BIOS settings to default values

- disconnect from electricity

- unplug all hardware components from motherboard and reinsert them back

- connect to electricity

- update your motherboard BIOS (optional)

- install Windows

- after the OS is installed, don't do anything and don't install anything, just check for Windows updates and let Windows download and install all the updates + all the drivers (Windows should download and install only the AMD driver, but not the AMD software). From my experience, I can tell that every time I downloaded and installed the AMD software from the AMD page, I always had problems with it.


I don't know your system specification, but are you having the same problem I have?