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Journeyman III

RX 580 8GB issue

So a few days ago my RX 580 8GB graphics card seemed to stop working... im not entirely sure what caused this... the symptoms i see are that 1 fan is spinning whilst the other isnt, when trying to boot the computer I can see that the fan that doesn't spin tries to spin but immediately stops so it sort of kicks. I have not seen ANY post about this same issue, after all I did try Re-seating the ram, re-seating the GPU multiple times, re-connecting the power connectors, Hell even having someone else connect THEIR PSU connectors to my components to see if it was my 500 Watt PSU, and that was legit like a frankenstein of a computer, my computer did manage to boot but with a different Graphics card, which is the Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB, I also did look to see if the RX 580 8GB was receiving enough power and both of the connector lights showed blue which I guessed meaned it was getting enough power.

If Anyone knows what issue could mean Please comment on this to not only help myself but others with the same issue.

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best way to check if your RX 580 is defective is by installing it on another PC (Family, Friends, or Computer Shop) and see if the same thing occurs. If it does that would indicate a bad RX 580.

I thought I had a bad GPU card and took the GPU card to a local small computer tech shop. The tech plugged it into a motherboard and connected a monitor and it worked fine. So I knew the GPU card was good and not defective.

The computer tech owner didn't charge me for testing my hardware but I gave him a tip to the amount that i felt would have been charged anyways since he was so nice to a new Customer.