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Journeyman III

Rx 5700 XT is lagging very much

Hi, just got my new card and it seems to lag very much on a variaty of games. Most notable Hades. I had a rx 480 and it didnt lag at all but for some reason it is not good with my new card. Can someone help me?

I just clean installed my windows and all drivers, so I dont really understand what is going on.

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which game u playing. some old games having lag issue with 5700xt. i m playing Enemy Territory . my old gtx 960m was good. than i bought 5700xt and it was laggy with ET game. google it and found some cod for lag and low fps.

try it in game console 

/r_primitives 2


I'm playing the witcher 3 and Hades.

WItcher 3 is having some fps drops and Hades even goes to 30 fps some times which is unacceptable.

None of those are old games.

I play on 1600x900 resolution which makes it worst. I hope to be able to play it in full HD very soon but I cant even play it perfectly on my current resolution

Adept I

I have the same problem in all games for some reason, I have run memtest, stressed cpu, reinstalled windows 10 but it doesnt work, I dont know what to do.