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Adept I

rx 5700 xt freezing issue (some games unplayable)

Hello everyone. 
Sry for my English.

(I don't know why, but moderators delete topic from Drivers)

Have interesting problem on my 5700 xt. Suddenly games like Borderlands 3, RDR 2, Witcher 3 become freeze and instantly unfreeze (what u can see in video below). Its repeat permanently and is accompanied by one second clicks as if electricity from the video card or... what is heard from the computer case. The problem started from RDR 2 - same as you can see on video - it was simple enough to start the movement of the character. Reinstalling the driver removes the problem in RDR 2, but after some time it returns again suddenly - and new reinstall can fix it or not. Same becomes in Witcher 3, but comes back to normal after the first restart of the game. Now RDR 2 and W3 works well, but Borderlands unplayable (now return to RDR). This problem not accompanied by any artifacts, crashes from games, black screens or anything else - all works fine, only this freeze and unfreeze. Interesting that i can hear same electric sound from case while ALT+Tab the games, going into game menus, or sometimes heard it while moving mouse in strategy map like Total War Warhammer or ANNO. At first i think it was breakdown of my video card or power supply but my friend, with same videocard have this in Borderlands 3 too and in time he lags i can see sth like teleportation in game (like disconnect and suddenly reconnect). So now i thinks its driver problem but maybe techical?. Maybe anyone have the same and have fix or advice what to do?) 
ryzen 5 3600 x
Asus prime pro x570 last bios
RX 5700 xt
Ballistix Sport lt 16 3000.
Be Queit! Straight power 11 650 w - connected to GPU
 through 1 8+8 pin cable VGA 1 (have same VGA 2 that not use) 


First RDR 2 -
Borderlands 3 -
 RX 5700 XT freezing / unfreezing (Borderlands, RDR2 etc) - YouTube 


At same time: The Witcher 3 - any lags.


What can it be? Thank you. 

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Adept I

I want to apologize, the moderators did not delete post from the Drivers section. I did not know that I needed to wait for confirmation as a result of poor language proficiency.
P.s. this is RDR after turning from Vulcan to DX 11 - Replay 2020 05 17 15 43 - YouTube  but i don't think its solution to the problem