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Journeyman III

RX 5700 artifacts at 75hz?


I upgraded to an RX 5700 and I wonder if anyone else has encountered this issue. Using my monitor at its native 75hz refresh rate I'm getting these horizontal lines appearing on the display. Not tearing but coloured lines. I tried screen recording this but fraps only shows blank frames where the artifacts occur. I've tried using different display cables and HDMI, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, and turning freesync off. No luck so far except setting my display at 60hz. Anyone else?

Ryzen 5 2600, LG ultrawide 1080 monitor.

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Journeyman III

The same thing is happening to me. What's your monitor model? Mine is a 29UM68-P. I'm also having problems with VSync. When I use VSync on most games, the framerate halves. This is expected behavior if the GPU can't keep up with native refresh rate, but it is obviously not the case.

Glad to know I'm not the only one. My model is 29WK600-W. Since you mentioned Vsync I checked and I'm also getting halved framerates on some games.

Adept I

I have exactly this same issue. RX 5700 with LG 34WK650 at 75Hz. If the GPU is at 100% usage, it doesn't happen, but if it's <60% or so, then it starts with the horizontal lines. It does not happen with strictly 2D applications, only light usage with 3D applications. It's irritating me to no end, as it happens a lot with Qt Designer (which I believe uses OpenGL to render the UI elements). It also happens with the XBox Beta application, and Forza Horizon 4. If you place 100% load on the GPU while using these application (by launching another game for instance), the issue goes away.

For the mean time I've set the display to 60Hz. It still can happen at 60Hz, but is far less noticeable. I think that maybe the voltage is dipping too much when it clocks down under light GPU load at this refresh rate. If I remove the driver completely using DDU, and reinstall the driver, it works without issue until I reboot the PC, then it comes back again. Fairly certain that it's a driver issue, so hopefully it'll be ironed out soon.

A little more research shows that at 75Hz refresh rate the memory clock goes up to 1800+ MHz with these applications, whereas at 60Hz the memory only goes up to ~1000 MHz (according to GPU-Z). Core frequency remains low in both scenarios (50 - 200MHz).

I have exactly the same problem as you wrote. And I am also using RX 5700 XT with LG 34WK650.

Even Photoshop has this problem. I hope Amd finds out about this issue.

This sure sounds like a LG specific issue. You guys should report this directly to AMD the driver guys don't see these posts. These are USER TO USER only. I am going to mention a mod for AMD maybe he will see how many of you have this issue and forward to engineering amdmatt . The link to open support with AMD:  Online Service Request | AMD 

You guys might want to contact LG support too. It can't hurt to get the support going from both ends. Plus the hardware makers have contacts with the graphics companies we don't if they need to talk about the issue with AMD.

You guys might want to check if there is a driver updated for your monitors too on the LG site. It isn't impossible one could contain a fix already. Plus is you are currently using the Generic PNP driver in Windows, it is better to use the proprietary driver for your monitor anyway.

Good Luck

Adept II

Same, same issue with v sync also, Lg ultrawide 29 inch 75hz model...yesterday's update didn't fix it, freesync also makes it worse. Another thing when I switch it out to my 16:9 monitor my computer seems to start up better also, with my ultrawide it doesn't show me post when booting making it hard to get into bios, anyone else have that issue also?

The bios can only be accessed by using a hdmi cable. At least for me. I think the reasoning is that it defaults the monitor to 60hz were the display port makes it 75hz. Causing the 5700 xt to lose signal pre windows  boot.

Journeyman III


I have the same issue with my Panasonic monitor. 60HZ works perfectly, but when I set it to 75HZ, I lose about 50% fps and there are artifacts in every game.

I was going to give the card back for warranty, but it turned out that the problem was propably a software. When we get to the amd update page, you can read about the problem at 244 hz. I think it may be related to this and we have to wait for the update.

Adept II

Anyone? I can't stand screen tearing and vsync locks me to 30fps which is just a stutter fest(more so then I remember).

I really don't wanna take it back, also noticed what looks like frame drops in the windows animations and scrolling...I got this card for 250usd and really don't wanna return it...benching it everything checks out, VR performance is not affected...


If a product is not meeting your need and you have the opportunity to return it, I would if I could if all I can say. There is no guarantee on when any of the issues with these new product lines would happen. I waited 2 years for an RX 580 to work right and it still can't run at default setting in any game without lockups. You just have to decide if you will be  okay with an expensive paperweight when you decide to replace it prematurely if they never sort out the issues. If a product doesn't work as it is supposed to then it is by definition defective. There is no shame in returning a defective product if all reasonable attempt to fix the situation have failed, such as engaging all proper channels of technical support. But tech support also needs to fix things withing your return window of opportunity.

Good luck on what you decide!


Luckily I got a 2 year warranty from Microcenter (It was only 250 dollars(280 with warranty). Thing is if I set my monitor to 60hz and 1080p all my issues pretty much vanish, I emailed AMD 2 days ago, still waiting back, also linked them to this thread. I know if I go Nvidia I'm gonna wind up spending 100-150 more on comparable performance, it really feels like bad drivers, I mean if it was the card wouldn't I be experiencing issues at any resolution and VR? I'm willing to wait, just was hoping someone had a solution...guess many of us are gonna play the waiting game.

Best of luck to all of you, hopefully it's pacthed soon.

I understand not wan to spend more. If you are sticking to 1080P  60 hz though what you have is way more than you need at the moment too. So you do have other options. There is not doubt though that the situation will improve it is just a matter of how long that takes and if the get all features working to your satisfaction. Only you can make that decision. Luckily with a MC extended warranty you can pretty much just walk in the door with the card and say it doesn't work and they will give you your credit to another card if it doesn't work out. 

Good Luck!

They said(AMD) that they are forwarding the info to the driver support team, Honestly it would be fine for now but if I use 60hz on my ultrawide resolution and V-Sync(Which I need because screen tearing drives me batty) it locks it at 30fps even if its a game thats running at like 120+ fps with no drops with it off, switch the resolution to a 16:9 aspect ratio and solid 60 with vsync enabled.

Yea I rather wait for now, VR works fine though, so thats good...gotta wait to play flatscreen games I guess.

Thanks and yeah I always make sure to grab that stores warranty, only store I do that with.  

Thanks :-)! 


75Hz is just completely broken on 5700XT cards right now. Mine included. Best thing to do is submit an official bug/support request into AMD directly.

Adept I

Is the issue occuring on both RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT?


Both, it's the new architecture I would assume, lots of kinks, seems to struggles at anything unreal engine also...hope they can patch that also, mutant year zero stutters not matter the settings for me, even with high frames per second, just tons of micro stutter, older games like Mass Effect 2 also...think we gonna be waiting on a couple driver revisions here.

I have the same with Forza Motorsport 7 and the 3D mark Time Spy CPU test. But GTA V seems to be running fine. Also no issues in Windows itself.

Does everyone else have it with every game or just with some specific games?

Adept I

MSI Rx 5700 XT EVOKE and similar problem on 21:9 monitors with 75hz and Freesync (LG 29um67 and LG 29um69G).

Journeyman III

Try setting your voltage swing and pre-emphasis in Display>Specs>Override to 1 or 2. Having the same problem as well on my monitor @75hz.


Did that fix it? Is it totally safe also?

nope doesn't fix it, seems like most of us having the same problem here are using LG ultrawide monitor with 75hz freesync

Adept III

Having the same issue on 23.8" LCD Acer SA240YA when having 75Hz set.

If I run the State of Decay2 in windowed fullscreen I get half of fps based on how much Hz have LCD set, so it's around 37-38fps. When switching LCD frequency to 60Hz, issues are gone (including horizontal lines).

At least now we know its not just totally an LG branded issue...

Thing is with Ultrawide, even if you flip it to 60hz you will still get 30fps with Vsync on and occasionally will still get the horizontal lines(Got a few with vsync off on Ultrawide resolution yesterday in GOW4 even). 

You mentioned Sate of Decay 2, do you get odd microstutter even with high fps on this one also? This is one of the games where I get that, its really odd...


Yes, I get random micro stutter. It was similar on RX580 which I previously had.

Never experienced it on my 290 but then again this only happens on a handful of games. Most games are smooth as hell on this, hopefully drivers mature and fix all these issues soon.

Adept I

Also on 60 hz the horizontal lines (aka artifacts) are there but way less and lines are much smaller.

Did more people experience this?

Yup, also had to hard reset a couple times, monitor goes off, sound and windows still sounds like it's on. It's almost like the GPU doesn't react correctly and doesn't send enough power, usually all of this happens on menus, not in game, happened with some VR games also(Monitor going off, then Oculus).

But yes the occasional line still goes through, mostly menus.


Not seeing any lines on 60Hz, but I didn't try a lot of games yet :-)

Let's hope AMD will quickly resolve this issue.


Yes, I have lines at 60Hz too, but less frequently, and always at the same place near the top of the screen, whereas with 75Hz it's all over the place. This happens with Metro Exodus and Forza Horizon 4. Seems to go away completely at 59Hz. Funnily enough, 59Hz is the frequency that my card defaults to when connected via display port.

My experience the same, i am

really frustated with the rx 5700

Não se preocupe meu amigo não é só você, AMD nunca mais...


I'm having the exact same issue on my end. Glad its not just me! I'm using the LG34UM67 freesync monitor. Everything worked fine with my Fury X for the last 4 years. But when using 75hz and the 5700xt I get flickering horizontal lines. To make matters worse, I can't access my bios at all with the display port being  used.  The screen just  stays  on for 5 secs and then turns off for 2 seconds over and over. But it does show a picture, the signal just keeps going out.

Like everyone else I found  that if lower my refresh  rate  to 60hz  the  problem goes away. Problem  is, I can no longer use freesync  when I do. With freesync enabled @ 75hz things get worse and at 60hz it feels like my fps is cut in half. Hopefully AMD has a fix soon.

My PC:

Ryzen 1800x

Asus Crosshair VI Hero with latest bios

Asrock Challenger OC 5700xt

64gb ram

LG34UM67 Freesync Monitor

Windows 10 

In addition, before someone says its a LG monitor  thing. It can't be the monitors. Before this I ran my Fury X with the same monitor flawlessly since around 2015ish. There was never any problem with freesync, with 75hz, nothing. Its something wrong with the 5700 xt.

Same exact thing here, report it to them, the more people do that I would guess the faster we get a solution.

Also can you check, because unless I use 75hz Freesync my monitor wont go into 8 bit color also, only 6 bit.

Sorry for the late response on this, yes when I have 75hz and freesync enabled I can enable 8 bit color. 

Adept I

I Have The Same Problem Plus Random Bluescreens and system freeze

Amd 1800x

ASUS ROG Radeon RX 5700 XT OC

Asus Crosshair vi

lg 21:9 75hz freesynk screen

Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.2

Adept I

Same problem, 21: 9 monitor LG

Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.8.2

Ryzen 2700x
Radeon rx5700

Adept I

I have the same issue,

Ryzen 7 2700

Rx 5700 (sapphire blower)

Lg 29um69g (21:9 75hz)

19.8.2, clean install

Community Manager

Thanks for the posts folks.

I have passed the information from this thread onto driver engineering for investigation.