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Journeyman III

RX 570 8GB Fan start up question

guys  i bought this video card and im wandering what temperature should be to fan actually start up ? its 50C and it still doesnt starts , i have automatic in tuning settings and should i manually tune everything or automatic is good enough ?

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Adept II

I also have a RX 570 lying around. It's lying around because its fans do not come on, ever. Card will proudly keep its "zero-rpm" led lighting on proud (but not loud, admittedly) until it goes well over 200 degrees and I pulled it because I thought I smelled something burn. I thought it was because I didn't exactly baby the card and it was knocked around a bit, but maybe not? After all I couldn't see anything wrong when I checked for obvious physical damage and the system reports 0 rpm on GPU. Which is correct I guess but I don't know if that means the driver knows the fans are not spinning or it doesn't know what fans I am talking about.

Which model is your card? (Vendor/board design, memory brand, port arrangement, etc?)


i found out it turns on 60 C when set to automatic 


If you want to change the default zero fan, it can be done with the radeon settings and you set a custom curve if you want

I do that so my card is frosty cool

Of course, I tried fiddling around with the program to set Pwm % for each power state, that is what you are talking about right? I had it 100% cycle a flat line from 100°F to 200°F I think, and unchecked the "zero rpm" feature (I really don't know how useful that "feature" is to people, maybe it's just me). Still the driver didn't show anything wrong even though the fan didn't turn on, maybe it doesn't monitor that kind of malfunction. It started alerting me to an overheating condition telling me it hit 90° celsius. At that point I couldn't touch the card for too long without burning myself, and I think I smelled a trace of blue smoke (but most likely that was just my imagination). I don't really know what this could be used for, I don't think it's worth enough to try repairing or selling it for parts. Is there a simple way to check the pwm fan driver without putting an oscilloscope on it?


If the radeon settings are not persisting then there may be some corruption in the driver stack

DDU can clean that up. Use that tool in safe mode for best results