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Journeyman III

RX 5600 XT gaming OC Gigabyte reboot in the game

Hello! Faced a problem from the purchase itself, during the game the screen freezes and go into reboot, conducted the OCCT test, a 700-watt power supply, the drivers are the most recent for March 5th.

Accessories - MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max

RAM - Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz

graphics card - RX 5600 XT Gaming OC 6gb Gigabyte

Ryzen 5 3600

P.s All drivers are updated, and the chipset and BIOS

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Journeyman III

SWIRF TV fixes 5600 xt blue screen of death / video tdr failure / amd radeon adrenalin , no crashes ... 

here is a video outlining the following steps i took to fix my issues with  the 5600 xt, no crashes after 4 days

do this, i had zero crashes after 4 days so far

( i do not guarantee this will work for you,

this worked for me using:
gigabyte 5600 xt gaming oc 6g , with FA0 bios
msi mpg x570 gaming plus (newest bios)
ryzen 5 3600 (@4.3 ghz)
corsair vengeance rgb pro 32 GB (16 x 2 ) (@3600 mhz)

windows 10 ( dont think home / pro / build number makes a diff here, microsoft isnt to blame (this time)



1. uninstall radeon software (if freezes or has error dont worry goto 2)
2. run amd clean up utility (if freezes or has error dont worry goto 3)
3. boot windows into safe mode with networking (hold shift while clicking reboot in windows)
4. download and install display driver uninstaller
5. uninstall all gpu stuff and chipset stuff , using ddu , (display driver uninstaller)
6. reboot
7. check device manager, make sure display adapter says generic device, if not repeat steps 1 - 6

8. download amd chipset drivers directly from amd, selecting the appropriate categories (for AMD CPU users,,,, (((i would imagine the same would hold true for intel cpus), 
                              ( i didnt use ones from my mobo manufacturer) 
9. install the latest correct chipset drivers only from amd, (intel for blue team) ( NO ADRENALIN OR GPU STUFF FROM AMD)

10. reboot
11. download adrenalin, unpack it, (( it will show a generic unzip progress bar, let it finish, when the fancy splash screen comes up that say "do you want to install adrenalin" "CLICK CLOSE / NO                            ****** DO NOT INSTALL ADRENALIN OR ANY AMD GPU SOFTWARE **** we are just unpacking it to get to the drivers
12. goto device manager right click on generic display driver, hit update driver 
                       > select "browse my computer for driver software"
                           > choose "let me pick from a list......"   
                                 > choose "have disk"
                                      > goto the folder that adrenalin unpacked to ussually c:\amd , im not sure what subfolder it is in, i think one that says adrenalin, either way locate C0353065.inf (i beleive there was a driver subfolder and like a win32 / win64 etc folders, choose the one appropriate for your system)   (this may differ slightly for diff versions in the future)  click ok, choose the top 5600 xt driver, click next, 

13. (this should install the driver without adrenalin, device manager should now say "5600 xt" under display adapters)
              >>>>>>>>>>> reboot

                 congratulations, no more crashes (AMD please fix your software or make it alot easier to install just the  drivers, nvidia doesnt force u to use geforce experience, cough , cough

14. can  over clock with asus gpu tweaker ii


I followed your instrucctions, but my games still crashes

Adept I

Any updates on your situation? 

Since I installed the graphics card, my system has trouble booting up. It either freezes when windows is booting up or freezes on the login screen. If the computer boots up and reaches windows, I get BSODs "VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE" atikmpag.sys while doing simple tasks, like using the browser.

I've tried reinstalling the drivers several times, using either AMD Cleanup Utility or Driver Display Uninstaller (DDU). It didn't solve the problem. I've tried different drivers: 26.20.15019.19000, and 26.20.15029.15004. It also didn't solve the issue. I'm starting to think it's not a software issue since I have problems before reaching windows... A clean install of windows also didn't solve the problem.

I have no problems with my old card, an MSI RX 480. Right now, I have a $300 brick sitting on my desk, and Gigabyte support doesn't reply to me...


i7 4790K @ 4.00 GHz


G.SKILL Trident X 8GB DDR3-2400MHz

Windows 10 Pro

Journeyman III

I bought the same card I have to send it back though it's just absolutely unplayable. I had one glitch where the screen was flashing blue and I actually got better FPS. I tried every solution possible and I thought I had a faulty card to be honest.

Adept III

Quite the same issue here.. any updated? I found some stability flashing it with F2 bios version... With FA0 im still having reboots..


I am stable with F2 but it is 12gbs bios with the windforce oc 6g model. My rx 5600 came with f60 14gbs and not stable, random green screen everytime I play Warzone.


Adept I

Got a brand new Gigabyte RX 5600 XT GAMING OC rev1.0 last week. It's simply not working. Crashes and freezes like mad on Adrenaline 2020 20.2.2 as well as on Adrenaline 2020 20.4.1.

Setting a lower power target seemed to work for a day, then again started to crash and freez. Also tried to lower gpu and mem clocks in MSI Afterburner, still nothing. Tried DP and HDMI with and without Freesync. Both on FA0 and F2 bioses. Now I'm switching back to my old GTX 1060 . It's too late to return 5600 XT. I've bought it on Newegg, but live in Europe, and 30 days expires on 15th. Only the f@#ing LED works as intended on this card. I am very very upsed and mad.

My specs:

CPU Ryzen 5 2600 + Noctua NH-L12S cooler

MB ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac

16 GB (2*8) Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3200 MHz DDR4 DRAM

500 GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe SSD

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GM, 80 Plus Gold 650W PSU




The solution for me was updating Windows 10 to 1909, latest update.

On FA0 bios the system still crashes after 15-20 minutes in GPU-Z 2.3.0 PCI-Express Render Test (green screen, something new). Went back to F2 bios and yesterday no issues at all, 40 minutes on GPU-Z render test, except Modern Warfare Warzone, but not a total system freez, only the game crashed. I keep Adrenaline features off for now, as I am very tired of rebooting my PC.

Note, when going from FA0 to F2 bios - memory clock and gpu clock remains from FA0. You have to default memory clock via Aorus Engine from 14000 MHz to 12000 MHz and set gpu clock in MSI Afterburner from 1780 to 1620 MHZ.

xirombinha Yes, I've used DDU for gpu and chipset with AMD removal tool previously. For now, I think, there is no need for a fresh windows install. Anyway, thank you for help.

Adept I

I had the same green screen crash issues with the Gigabyte Gaming OC rx 5600xt.  I have managed to find a number of resolutions for my system, with vbios versions F2 and FA0 :
Gigabyte Gaming K7 x370 motherboard

Ryzen 1700x

Each of the resolution below have worked for me now with no more green screen crashes:

BIOS F2, without updating chipset drivers for motherboard

  • Uninstall current drivers and software with DDU
  • Download Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2
  • Run the install only to extract the drivers (do not install the software)
  • Use device manager to install the drivers from the c:\AMD folder


BIOS F2, with Adrenalin software

  • Uninstall current drivers and software with DDU
  • Download and install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard
  • Download Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2
  • Run the install shield allowing the Adrenalin software to install


BIOS FA0, with Adrenalin software

  • Uninstall current drivers and software with DDU
  • Download and install the latest chipset drivers for your motherboard
  • Download Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.4.2
  • Run the install shield allowing the Adrenalin software to install
  • Open the Radeon software
  • Click on "Performance"
  • Click "Tuning"
  • Enable "Power Tuning"
  • Increase Power Limit by 10%*  (this has stopped my pc from green screening on the FA0 bios)
  • Click apply
    * Was able to achieve the same result can be achieved if you give the card a slight under volt using the GPU Tuning Advance Control and adjusting the voltage (on my card to 889)


It appears that the there is a mix of driver issues and power limit issues that was causing my green screen crashes.

Hope this may help anyone else who is having green screen issues with these cards. 

FYI I have found that I needed to remove the gigabyte software, and MSI Afterburner, as these two programs was causing issues, where the settings in the Radeon software would be reset after a reboot, which caused the GPU to green screen again.

Nice input! I think alike on adressing what is causing these crashes... driver/power/clock limitations... We'll need to tweak it manually to find out a way to get it working properly.. well, until AMD and GIGABYTE bring up solutions :/

Adept I

so... the quest for a stress-free life continues, but I think it's a lost cause.

Since I got this gpu it's like devil got into my PC, it simply refuses to work properly. I've already reinstalled Windows 10 two times since my last post, I nearly forgot how to do it. F2 bios worked for some time, then again my PC began to crash, then Windows got corrupted and had to reinstall it. I've suspected that the problem could be in NVME 970 Evo Plus SSD, but then I had the same experience with my Seagate HDD. After installation I fully updated all the drivers and the card work properly a day or two, then Adrenaline began to crash like crazy (Accordingly to Windows Reliability History report) and after that Windows crashed again. It was so bad, that I couldn't load repair mode, command prompt also did no help. Then I suspected that RAM could be the issue. So with one plate and in this way I managed to install Windows 10. After second installation my PC worked fine for about a week, till the first crash yesterday - then it started again, my PC started to freeze again... So the problem could also be a faulty motherboard, but I still think that RX 5600 is to blame. 

BTW, I've installed F60 bios (VGA Bios Collection: Gigabyte RX 5600 XT 6 GB | TechPowerUp). This is the bios I'm using now. 

I wish you all good luck!

I have the same issue and still couldn't find any solution.

Adept III

Has it crashed since you flashed to F60 bios so far?


Yes, 3 times 15 min ago, switched off the PC and looking for a new card. At first it seemed that F60 is the solution. The whole thing is very odd, every time after clean driver install (Os install) the card runs very stable for various amount of time, from 1 day to a week, till it crashes once, the it begins again and again and again. So far nothing has helped. 


My GPU came with de F60 Bios. on the GPU it stated Revision 1 so its look like an older bios. Didn't get the chance to get it running. no matters what Bios (FA0, F2 or F60) or drivers, always end in black screen on boot. Getting tired of trials and errors and errors, and errors...

Adept I

FYI Gigabyte have released 4 new bios versions for these cards, I have installed the relevant bios version for my card.  Will report back on performance and issues (if any).

Radeon™ RX 5600 XT GAMING OC 6G | Graphics Card - GIGABYTE Australia


I have the f60 rev1 model and flashed to f61 and it is rock solid on 20.5 drivers.  Not one single crash yet.


Hello friend, I just bought a 5600xt, I would like to update it, but I don't know which of the 4 bios versions to download (FA1,F61,F3)
How do I know what vbios I have?


I don't know! The best way to know is trying! If your PC crashs with the F60s try the FA1 or F3.


You can use Gigabyte Aorus Engine application (available to download from Gigabyte website). Once you have installed application, open it and just click on settings icon on the top then go to VGA tab. There should be BIOS VER. If you currently have F60 then flash F61, if F1 flash F3 etc.

The current VBIOS version is shown in AMDVbFlash flash tool as well - you will need it probably to update your VBIOS.