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Journeyman III

Rx 5500 xt isnt working

So I recently got an rx 5500 xt and I tried to install it went in fine my power should be fine but when I start it up there isn't any display I've tried disabling old drivers and I checked BIOS (tho I don't really know what to check) I did see that display was set to PCI E but still nothing worked I don't know if its the Card or maybe my system isn't compatible my old GPU was the r7 250 and my PC is the Gamer Ultra 2165 I replaced the power from a 350w to a 500w so that should be good the internal display still works I tried seeing if my GPU would be detected using the display from the internal but I couldn't find anything I don't get whats wrong? 

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Journeyman III

I am having a similar issue with my 5700 XT.  My PC got bricked with a driver update so I had to fresh install windows.  With that I can use the integrated graphics to run windows, I try and re-install the drivers using Radeon software and after they install my PC can't display anything.  I have to safe mode and DDU.

One solution said to install a window update, did that and I had to fresh install again.

There doesn't seem to be any acknowledgment from the devs that this is happening.  If it isn't resolved soon I will be RMA'ing my card