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Adept II

RX 460 Sapphire 4gb temp?

In metro exodus i reached 78-80C on RX 460 is this safe?

What is max safe temperature?

When GPU start throttling?

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Not sure how reliable this information is but it says the Max. Operating Temperature is 95C: Radeon RX 460 Max Temp ~ Safe Temp 

I believe I will bookmark this website link as a future reference.

You may want to use AMD Wattman to configure your RX 460 FAN and POWER  to make it work more efficiently.  Someone like kingfish‌ or pokester‌ can show you the best configuration for your RX 460 to maintain its best cooling and power usage.

AMD graphics performance 

In the game profile:

In wattman, set Temperature to manual, lower slider to about 75c-80c.

Power Limit set to the maximum + value (all the way to the right)

Click 'apply' at top of page.

Do not touch any other setting...leave all at default (automatic)

Thx guys for answer. I just woried i play metro exodus. 1,5 or 2h gaming my

card up to 79C max good or no?

Niedz., 24 lut 2019, 00:12 użytkownik kingfish <>


Community <>

Re: RX 460 Sapphire 4gb temp? in Graphics


It's ok. 

I set my fan speed like 2500-2700 rpm in full load and dont want to get

high becouse it's loud if you say 79C in full load at metro is good i leave

like that. I put power limit to +50 and set other to auto.

Niedz., 24 lut 2019, 00:51 użytkownik elstaci <>


Community <>

RX 460 Sapphire 4gb temp?



marked kingfish


reply on RX 460 Sapphire 4gb temp?

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Adept II

pastedImage_1.jpgthis is look my PC inside, i replace back fan to another 120mm be quieet pure wings

Now i have 2x beQuiet pure wings 2

1x front and 1x back and i can add 1 more to front 

Maybe add?