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Regular Eset 455 errors in event log and black screen 5700xt

With the newest drivers we are still getting black screen flickers randomly.  Could be just browsing Chrome, or randomly while playing a game.  I found an error in the event log for the Eset with a 455 code.  It does not match up perfectly with every time it goes black but it is close. 

The black screens are better as they recover but this is just ridiculous.  It has been months of pulling out Displayport cables and putting them back in to recover from black screens.

I have already tried full uninstall of drivers, and used a driver cleaner before reinstalling the software.  I have also tried old drivers and in place upgrades and well just about everything I can think of.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Try using 20.2.x drivers and turn off enhanced sync in Radeon control panel.

If that doesnt fix it, set you refresh rate to 60, disable HDR if enabled en Freesync.

It could be the drivers, but also cables.. 

Fixed something like this for myself, by switching to HDMI, boot&shutdowns again, and reseating DP-cable at both ends.. turned out one of the pins on the DP cable had some grease (?!) on it.

if unpluging and reconnecting fixes it for you without restarting your machine it most likely the cable...but could also be driver or display related. My guess is the cable though, so please test HDMI maybe a bit longer if your monitor has it.

for the eset error, might be unrelated to black screen or might even be the cause.

please check How to fix Event ID 455 ESENT error in Windows 10 V1903? - Microsoft Community 


The answer I eventually found was to install the drivers but not the software.  I removed everything, including drivers, and did a driver sweep.  Then I downloaded the whole package and started the install...I let the install extract the files, then I stopped it.  

Then go to hardware manager and point it at the extracted folder and manually install the drivers.


Not a single crash since.