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Reference 7900 xtx 110c junction temp and maxed fan speed on every game


I got a reference 7900 xtx from the amd store and I am having some weird behaviors that I haven’t seen from any reviewers of the card


my specs:

Gigabyte x570 aurous master


reference 7900 xtx from amd store

Corsair RM1000x PSU

Fractal torrent compact case

No matter what game I play my junction temperature will steadily rise to 110c and stay there while core gpu temp hit around 68-72c, causing the gpu fans to ramp up to 2800 Rpm and they sound like a jet engine. Until I close the game the card seems to stay at this temperature and fan speed. I even noticed some performance degradation and black artifacting on destiny 2 when this was happening. I tried undervolting and setting max clock speed to 2500 mhz on the suggestion of some Reddit posts, but it did not fix the issue. My GPU is mounted horizontal in the standard configuration, not vertical mount or anything like that. Ambient temperature are around 65-70 Fahrenheit and I even observed this behavior benching in 3D mark with the side panel off. 

I suspect the cooler mount from the factory might be making poor contact. I am really disappointed and looking for some advice.

While I understand the card can go to 110c it doesn’t seem right that it is sitting at that temperature constantly with the fans at max speed. The behavior seems out of line with every review I have seen.

1 Solution
Community Manager

We are investigating reports that some AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX graphics cards (reference models made by AMD) are reaching the 110C temperature and throttling. Thermal throttling may impact the performance of the card by reducing clock rates, but the graphics card can continue to be used.

Users experiencing unexpected thermal throttling on their AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX (reference models made by AMD) should contact AMD Support via telephone as our e-ticket system is currently under maintenance.

I will update this thread once I have more information to share, meanwhile we appreciate your patience.

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