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Real-time replay when there is no sound when using ASUS b450i sound card



The driver settings and sound card version are as shown above. After uninstalling the sound card driver, it can have sound when using the realtek driver that comes with windows, and when you use other audio devices to record, it can also have sound. Here is a video of my actual test. How can I solve it?

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You confused me when you wrote Asus sound card. What you meant was Asus Motherboard has no sound. If the suggestions I give below is not what you are looking for it is probably because I didn't understand your English translation correctly. IF so please be more detail about the sound problem you are having.

Are you using a program in which sound is not working correctly?

First make sure your Asus ROG Strix B450-I has the latest Audio, BIOS, and CHIPSET versions installed. You Motherboard uses Realtek drivers for it sound: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-I GAMING | ROG - Republic Of Gamers | ASUS USA 

Go to Device Manager and check to be sure Realtek HD Audio drivers are installed and working correctly. Also check for any errors or yellow exclamation marks.

Go to Windows Sound Panel and see if your Default Audio Device is showing as being default. If not listed then right click on the Default Audio device. Then on the Sub-menu click on "Disabled" or  "Disconnected" audio devices. See if you find your Default Audio device is listed as disconnected or disabled. 

If your Default Audio is another driver (AMD,Nvidia, etc)  Audio device and not your Realtek Motherboard Audio device then you won't hear any sound from the Motherboard since another driver or Audio device is being used as the Default Audio device.

NOTE: If you have a separate GPU card installed. The driver package will install its own sound (HD AUDIO) driver. I have an Nvidia GPU card which installed the Nvidia HD sound drivers. So I had to make my Bluetooth headphones using bluetooth driver as my Default Audio device to get sound from them. Now my GPU sound is still enabled but without any sound and my Asus Motherboard Realtek sound is also enabled but without sound.

Thank you for your answer. My motherboard audio is working properly, the related audio devices are not disabled, and I have the latest audio driver, but when I replaced the old audio driver(this version i m not sure it is the older driver,I download from other website),and the recorded video has sound in real-time replay. I think this should be a compatibility issue? I have feedback this question to Asus and look forward to their reply.



The video sound I am referring to is the sound of the game being recorded, in the instant replay.

When I switch to a device other than a realtek device, the recorded video has sound, but now I think it is a sound driver problem or ... the relive driver is not fully adapted? I'm not sure about this.

Oh,by the way,ASUS staff give feeedback yet


It says:

Judging by the phenomenon is that the driver is running abnormally, please try it before installing the 8339 version.

and like i said,ASUS official driver all didn't work.

If it is still abnormal, 
please install the driver without the SONIC to test whether it is the problem of this SONIC part.
Thank you!

I did try it later,they he give me "without the SONIC" drive,The truth is, it does work↑

So I think this matter has been completely resolved and found the reason.
Hope this is helpful for the next development work.
Thanks again for your help,My English is not very good,
Please do not mind.