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Adept I

Random freezes problem / AMD

Copy pasting my thread from another forum




I rarely ask for help, but after months of losing my mind i no longer know what to do.

Problem summary: My PC will randomly hard freeze, where only power button hard restart will awake it. It can happen during gaming, browsing internet, idle, once it happened in BIOS, few times right after booting. Happens few times a day.

What I've done so far in order to fix it: Scanned PC, Updated Windows, updated all drivers including deleting them via DDU and AMD cleanup Utility, tweaked BIOS and AMD Adrenaline, ran memtest, ran few other memory and GPU tests with no errors, re-seated ram and gpu, physically cleaned pc and parts, rolled back from Adrenaline 2021 to a more stable one from 2019, disabled CStates and Cool'n'Quiet mode, forced VSync on and off, tried removing each ram stick, and many others that I already forgot, nothing seems to have any impact.

2 years ago I had a simillar problem regarding playing Witcher 3, my pc would also hard freeze, I remember I fixed it by making AMD Adrenaline force Vsync ON and then turning Vsync off in Witcher 3, but now those options wouldn't fix my problem, also problem occurs all the time, not because of a specific game.

Win 10 64 Pro
RX 570 8gb OC
Ryzen 5 2400g with Vega graphics 11
Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz 2x8gb + 2x4gb (24gb)
Gigabyte AB350M - Gaming3
Evga 600 W1

I rolled back nearly everything to factory settings, Im not OCing. Pc and GPU will run perfectly so nothing seems to be damaged, the only problem are random hard freezes. Also my temps are stable.

Event viewer shows only kernel errors, which aren't very helpful.

Thanks for any help.

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by hard  freeze you mean black screen or blue screen or it just hang ? 

do you have SSD or HDD ? 


Could be black screen, could be any different color regarded to last frame. Pc is not responding to anything such as CapsLock. Infinite hang sometimes with annoying sound. Im using SSD for Win10 and HDD for stuff.


Just thinking aloud ... Is it possible you have a short somewhere?


Do you mean a power short? Hmm, don't think so... I've been checking cables and pins numerous times while trying to fix the issue.


Possibly, yeah ... also check for stuff touching the IO Shield at the back, stuff like that.

Honestly, it almost definitely isn't the issue, but it might help either way.


Good luck!


Adept I

Problem seems to be resolved after system reinstall.