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Radeon VII live/OSD monitoring Junction temp?

How do I monitor my GPU junction temperature live? Preferably as an OSD. I am currently running benchmarks because I am udnervolting and in my quest for the ''sweet spot'' I need to know how hot Radeon VII's junction temperature gets. In games this is mostly not a problem because I always play fullscreen windowed and quickly tab to Wattman, but I can't do that during a benchmark.

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Asked the same thing on Reddit. Solution copied below:

Solved thanks to /u/Madgemade

It is available in afterbuner. In monitoring, scroll almost right to the bottom, you will see "GPU Temperature 2", that's the junction temp.

Tried it, it works. Also holy Land Grid Array, the difference in temperature unreal. 65°C edge / 95°C junction @ 1765mhz undervolted to 1062mV.