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Journeyman III

Radeon R9 Fury - Card keeps overheating with stock settings

Hey Folks,

I just singed up here, because I got tired of some issue with my R9 Fury card:

The card keeps overheating in stock settings, resulting in black screen and driver recovery - even when playing the most mediocre games like Minecraft or Starmade. I used to workaround this issue by adjusting the fanspeeds in Wattman. After adjusting the fanspeeds, the card is stable - no more crashes due to overheating. But Wattman keeps reverting them to stock setting as soon as something unexpected is crashing the drivers - so I'll have to readjust Wattman every time - and most of these times, I forget to readjust. This is very annoying! Besides being annoying this isn't very healthy for the card on component level - because hot components will age faster, than slightly cooler components. IMHO the smelly stench of planned obsolescence is in the air.

Is there a way to permanently increase the fanspeeds?

Additional Notes:

- the card is clean, no dust is blocking the cooler.

- the tower is well ventilated, there is no heat build up inside. (4 Fans - 2 front, 2 backside)

Describe your system:

  • AMD Radeon R9 Fury
  • Desktop system
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 16299)
  • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 18.3.4
  • Display Devices:
    • 2x Eizo EV2436W 1920x1200 @60Hz via DP
  • Motherboard + Bios Revision
    • Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 Rev. 2.1 / BIOS F7a
  • CPU
    • AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T
  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
    • Enermax Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT)
  • RAM
    • 16GB
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Clear that DxDiag and fill in INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION | Community as well as a GPUz shot showing the temperature at the time of recovery. If it's not hitting 100°C, then it's not overheating, and your problem is caused by something else, be it another card defect, or a faulty power supply.


Added in that form you linked me. I'll try to force the error with some benchmark tool - because I'm short on time around Easter. I'll add these GPUz shots later on.


Target Temp seems to be around 80°C with 26% fan speed. I don't see, why target temp has to be so high in stock configuration - I don't mind the additional fan noise when the temps could be around 45°C at 100% fan speed on the same load level - without any issues.


Just to clear something up.

Is the actual AMD driver crashing or just Wattman crashing and then restarts with the default settings?

Don't know if you read this about AMD Wattman from AMD Support.: How to Tune GPU Performance Using Radeon Wattman and Radeon Chill

I went to Gigabyte Support for your Motherboard : GA-890FXA-UD5 (rev. 2.1) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global and the latest BIOS it shows from 2010 is Version F6.


It seems, that the driver is crashing - but without a "driver has been restored" message:

- The screen freezes

- After 4-5 seconds the screen goes black for around 10-15 seconds.

- Then the screen reappears.

- Sometimes the game keeps running, sometimes the game has crashed. Depends on the game - and how it handles the driver reset.

Something I've also noticed ist, that the displays won't turn back on instantly from screen saver (turn off) after such incident.


BIOS version isn't public. Got it from the support guys to fix some raid ROM issues. (Updated RAID ROM Version)


Try disabling Fast Start. I have heard it causes a lot of problems. This is usually enabled by default under Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Power Options - System Settings.

Prevent your computer from going into sleep or Hybrid sleep and see if that helps. If not then enable it again.


To clear things up, because it seems that you understand me wrong:

The delay just affects the screen to reappear after the screensaver turned off the monitors and after the said issue happened - The PC keeps running in idle. No Energysave, S3 or else. I disabled it.

When I do a full restart, everything is working fine again.


Things cleared, Thanks.

In short, what is happening is that the GPU seems to overheat while under heavy load because Wattman doesn't keep the customized settings on the fan after the GPU driver crashes or restarts. If Wattman's customize fan settings are set and working, your GPU doesn't crash anymore?

The Driver crashes only during Game play or anytime the GPU is stressed?  Do you have any 3rd party OC software installed like MSI Afterburner, Asus Tweak II, or Trixx?

Black Zion mentioned about temperature. What temperature does your GPU show when it crashes?

So the MAIN ISSUE is that WATTMAN doesn't stay with the Customized FAN SETTINGS after a reboot or restart for whatever reasons. According to your first post, your GPU card doesn't crash anymore with Wattman's customize fan settings.

If I am repeating myself, sorry, I am trying to get a clear picture of when your GPU crashes and what happens afterwards. Maybe someone else might offer better tips on troubleshooting your problem with a clearer understanding of the problem.


The Driver crashes only during Game play or anytime the GPU is stressed? Do you have any 3rd party OC software installed like MSI Afterburner, Asus Tweak II, or Trixx?

This is only happening to me, whilst playing games. I don't have any kind of OC Software installed. Just the plain Crimson driver. The card is powerful enough for every game I play - so for me there is no need to tweak it.

If Wattman's customize fan settings are set and working, your GPU doesn't crash anymore?


Is there any way to modify the default settings instead? I mean, they have to be saved somewhere, or not? I'd rather modify the default settings, than have to reload a custom profile - which is suspect to being forgotten.

Black Zion mentioned about temperature. What temperature does your GPU show when it crashes?

It stays constant at around 80-85 °C when at 100% load. Way too high on the scale, if you ask me.

Is there any reason for it being so high, other than turning down the fan noise?

So the MAIN ISSUE is that WATTMAN doesn't stay with the Customized FAN SETTINGS after a reboot or restart for whatever reasons.

The main issue is, that Wattman reverts the Fan settings to default letting the Card overheat and crash.

I haven't really figured out, under which circumstances Wattman reverts to default - but a restart is (thankfully) not a cause.


" stays constant at around 80-85 °C when at 100% load. Way too high on the scale, if you ask me.

Is there any reason for it being so high, other than turning down the fan noise?"

Found this about the Max Temp for R9 Fury:


Model numberRadeon R9 Fury X
FamilyRadeon R9
Maximum operating temperature~90°C

But the best bet, as you mentioned, is to find out WHY Wattman doesn't maintain it configuration of the GPU card. I don't have Wattman so someone else is going to need to assist you in that area.

Maybe this previous thread might be helpful: Wattman settings go back to default on system boot


The driver will be restored to default setting after each crash or installing new driver. They give you the ability to save your custom settings to a profile. So you can just reload the profile you made instead of having to do all settings again. Hard to remember those settings I know. When you save the profile you want, you can save it again to your documents folder too. In case you do an uninstall it wipes out your profiles.


If it is returning to defaults every time you boot, make sure to disable Fast Startup (windows 10 only) as already said. This is a good idea anyway. A few extra seconds isn't worth loading in old information every time.

Make sure to set you power limit slider to the right as far as it will go. Maxed for your card. Should help avoid those crashes to begin with.

Good Luck & Happy Gaming!


Disable any form of link state between you card & in your bios setting can mess with card reading temps properly limiting power taxing it. Another idea is disable any form of power savings on your OS change all settings to High preformance disable any hybrid sleep state settings as can cause unstability issues to seen it before. Another idea could be bugged drivers which could be throwing a bug in they system throwing everything out. A suggestion would be roll back to the most stable whql driver which worked great run with that & do a stability test, leave if for a week on the most stable driver your system was running happily on then wait for the fresh whql drivers which be due soon. I suspect could be driver bug between OS & driver side. Another thing is pull your card give it a decent blow out even give it a blow out repaste. Run your build without card for a bit then put it back in & run on the most stable older drivers for a week till you know your build is running stable. If running any 3rd party software completely wipe it as will cause problems between AMD drivers see it alot. Your PSU to me doesn't sound suspect tho can get PSU wattage apps to monitor your voltage & wattage across your build which be prety accurate guide if your PSU is faulty. I suspect could be bugged driver from OS end more so going of your description. Bit more info when you get a chance be handy.

Adept III

Did you try to replace the termal paste?

I personally use Arctic Silver 5

And is the card water cooled?


Please read these past posts and the solution.

RX 580 Temps under load running up to 85c, idle is at ~45c.

Wattman fan curve does not work

Power Limit > AMD graphics performance

Edit: If you have any third party controllers installed on your computer, Afterburner, Trixx, Asus, etc either delete them entirely and clean install your drivers again, or ignore the advice given in the posts. These programs can conflict with AMD/Wattman settings and cause the issues you mention.

I have never used any 3rd party tweaker on my RX 580, and I can tell you for a fact that without a custom fan profile in Wattman, my card locks up every time I game no matter what the title. Many others with the RX 580's have said the same. I can't speak to all cards or any other variant as I have only used this one card. I would not be presumptuous enough to discount anyone else's advice either and tell people not to listen to them, even if I had personal experience with every card ever made on every machine configuration possible. Reading through the above I see plenty of good well intentioned advice.

I can't imagine why if a fan curve could make no difference why it would even be a feature then? I'm betting it wasn't an exercise in futility on AMD's part. I know this if my card goes over 70 it locks, and the default settings put it over 70, every time.

The OP was asking about custom settings returning to defaults and I explained how to use the profiles to rapid reload his previous settings, is that part of the blanket statement of advice the OP should not listen too?

I guess I will just agree to disagree and do what we should all do decide for myself what advice to try or not try. Many have good advice to offer and these are community forums. No one person has the best answer at all times, or any given time, every time. Just a bad form statement to tell people to ignore others.


I believe what Kingfish meant by ignoring the advice of the other posts, was that if the OP decides to use a 3rd party software, than it is no use following the other Users advice concerning Wattman since they will continue to have problems as long as they have installed the 3rd party software.

Anyway, that was how I understood his comment.

By the way, I do agree with what you are saying. I just believe you misinterpreted the previous comment.


That's exactly what I meant. As long as the poster understands, that's all that matters.


I can certainly give a one time comment like that a benefit of the doubt. But most offering advice, I hope, are trying to help. To say ignore all other advice after a bad day just struck me bad. My apologies if I interpreted the intent incorrectly. After re-reading this again though, unless I just keep missing it did the OP ever even say they were using any 3rd party software. I see plenty suggesting not to if they are. All I I know is I tried to directly answer the OP's post. If I missed the intent in the rest of it all I am very sorry.


No need to apologize or feel sorry. This happens all the time.

You are correct that the OP never mentioned about using a 3rd Party software. Kingfish was just stating that IF the OP DECIDED to USE a 3rd party software, to not bother to follow any advice from the rest of the thread, since all the advice given was concerned with Wattman.

You will find out that some OP's, here in the Forum, after being recommended not to use a 3rd party OC software, will still install or keep using it because they feel it is better than Wattman. The Users say it doesn't cause any problems (many times it seems to be true in certain computer setups) but it still is not recommended by AMD Forum.

What is weird, I received Kingfish's reply at Mar 30, 2018 8:59 PM while yours was just received after Kingfish's reply at Mar 30, 2018 8:32 PM .  You should have seen Kingfish reply before your posted your comment.

if your speaking of this reply from him.

"That's exactly what I meant. As long as the poster understands, that's all that matters."

Was there another message with a better explanation I am missing still and have not read?

If not yes, I saw that. Read exactly like someone saying: "I don't give a darn what you think".

So no I replied to the person, you, who took a second to consider someones opinion other than their own, and try and interject some courtesy into the conversation. I replied to you because you were nice, and always have been.

If we are looking at what is weird, based on time tables it is that he didn't respond about what I said until 2 hours after your comment.

Even if that is what he meant I don't know how it served to better anything for the OP. After all it was everyone but the OP saying anything about other apps. I saw nobody recommending their use only saying not to as well. Don't even get know why it needed to be said. But I respect his right in these forums to say what he wants to say. Just as I would hope to say what I have to say without someone constantly trying to prove me wrong and trying prove their information as fact, and then telling someone not to listen to others. But yes when I am going to say something is when I feel like someone is basically saying "shut up, your not worth listening to".


yes any 3rd party software will cause issues driver wise. Run the most upto date whql driver then go into wattman & manually adjust your fan settings & power settings. What other settings in global settings have been activated that you dont run or dont need might be a program or something activated keeping the temps up high. Another thing could be the card could be on its way out to why its pulling temps like that. I might suggest if you go a m8s PC you can test the card in with a few older drivers & try eleimante problems that way 1 by 1. Could be honest be a underlyning card fault appearing which maybe card starting to fail or maybe PSU or hardware related offset by software tapping it out. Try fire up you build on a m8s card if you can borrow 1 test it in another build vice versa till you can pin point it may be the best way to eliminate its a mongrel way of doing it but some times the only way to make sure.


I understand Kingfish comment is the best as he is a driver team expert he knows his issues & problems when working on AMD drivers. Any 3rd party tool is only a tool & 9|10 a tool like MSI offers is really for mainly Nvidia cards mainly asd they offer no inhouse OC utility apart from 3rd party like MSI afterburner. Best tool its whats built into AMD software wattman is prety accurate & best OC tool i have ever used. The way MSI are going they are more geared towards Nvidia these days its why i gone away from the crapware tools. Any 3rd party tool will only do its intended purpose but will never do the proper job as AMD tool set carries. Its why I promote AMD driver set with AMD cards as the inhouse tuning is way superior than an OC tools I have used in the past & 3rd party tools ON AMD based cards upto date will still cause issues being upto date or not cause conflicts. The 3rd party tools are basicly a 3rd party manufactorers tool to OC Nvidia cards with no real intension of getting the safest & most best clock you can from the AMD tool. My advise & I keep saying it now only run whats intended for the brand your running if its from a 3rd party supplier manufacturer run AMD software with AMD cards wont run into issues & plenty of online guides to safely OC & tune you card setting in properly.


Believe it or not, even at Nvidia Forum, the knowledgeable Users recommend to uninstall all 3rd party software. Wattman is the only OC software made to work exclusively with AMD Drivers.

IMO, all 3rd Party OC software interferes, to some degree, with AMD/Nvidia/Intel Graphic drivers since Graphic Drivers are made exclusively for their specific GPU cards and 3rd party OC softwares are generic to work with any manufacturer's GPU cards.

Unless, for instance, you install MSI Customized Graphic Drivers so that MSI Afterburner will be compatible. But I don't know if Graphic Card/Motherboard manufacturer's make customized Graphic Drivers or not. Most likely they don't and just copy drivers from AMD/Nvidia/Intel.