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Journeyman III

radeon r7 m440

Во время установки драйверов, на 40% когда начинает моргать дисплей, ноутбук перезагружается.

Скажите в чем проблема

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What is the exact Laptop Model you have with what type of APU installed?

Journeyman III

Lenovo ideapad 330-15ast 

Amd A4-9125


You didn't mention what Windows version you have but Lenovo Support only has drivers for Windows 10.

It is best to use Lenovo AMD Drivers to update the VGA Driver in your laptop.

Here is Lenovo's latest VGA Driver for your laptop: laptops and netbooks :: 300 series :: 330 15ast - US 

I also suggest you update your Laptop BIOS/UEFI to the latest version: laptops and netbooks :: 300 series :: 330 15ast - US 

Here is the Lenovo Support Download page for your laptop where I found the above drivers and other drivers for your laptop: laptops and netbooks :: 300 series :: 330 15astcontentdetail - US 

AMD Download page doesn't have a specific Driver for your APU (A4-0125) only up to APU A4-9120: 

Update your Laptop BIOS/UEFI (Critical update) and then install Lenovo's AMD VGA Drivers.

Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Safe Mode (if possible) with the internet disconnected. Once DDU finishes and reboots, still with the internet disconnected, install Lenovo's VGA Drivers. Once it installs correctly, you can now connect the internet.