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Adept I

Radeon Pro WX discontinued?

Dell are telling us that the Radeon Pro WX cards are now "end of life" and they can no longer source them. I'm seeing similar information on a number of online sellers. Could someone please confirm whether or not AMD really are discontinuing these cards?

We rely on the DirectGMA feature (specifically using the WX 7100 card) in a scientific data processing application that we sell to numerous customers. If these cards are being discontinued then we are in trouble, as I don't believe there are any others that include the DirectGMA feature!


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This Professional Workstation Review shows several AMD Professional GPU cards, besides the WX series,  that support DirectGMA feature. Just doesn't mention if they are still manufactured or EOL:


I don't know how reputable this website is but it shows the AMD Estimated End Of Life for the Radeon Pro WX7100:

Screenshot 2021-04-30 164028.png

I suggest you open a AMD SERVICE REQUEST (Official AMD SUPPORT) and ask them and see what they say from here: