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Journeyman III

radeon pro how to install

How do you install the brackets on the Radeon Pro WX 7100?  What is the separate graphics connector card and where does the white connector plug into the unit?  Why does AMD sell a product with a bunch of peripheral parts and NO documentation whatsoever on them? 

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Found this old YouTube video that shows how to install the Radeon Pro WX7100 GPU card in a computer case: Installing the AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 Graphics card 2 of 3 - YouTube 

Watched the YouTube video. If you are talking about the separate bracket with a little white 3 pin DIN plug it plugs into a port on the WX 7100 as shown in the video. The Reviewer says it plugs into a corner of the WX 7100. This is the only corner with a port to plug in a cable:

From another Youtube video showing unpacking the WX 7100:

Do you see any type of 3 Pin connection on that corner of the WX 7100?

fsadough‌ would be the person to show you how to connect the 3 Pin DIN Stereo 3D Output connector to the WX 7100. I couldn't find any photos of that cable connected to the WX7100.


As elstaci mentioned, this is a 3D-PIN bracket for active 3D stereo monitors.

Is there a special 3 pin connection of the WX 7100?

I only see that one large port connection of the GPU card at the upper left corner of the card. I couldn't locate, at least, in the photos any specific 3 Pin connection of the WX 7100 nor find any photos showing the special 3 pin cable and bracket connected to the GPU Card.

The 3D-PIN bracket is included in the WX7100/8100/9100  retail box.


Thank you.

That was what I was trying to see but in none of the Retail Photos of the GPU Card shows that 3 pin connector.

AMD should include the photo you uploaded in the Set up guide of the WX 7100/8100/9100

I will pass it on to our documentation team. Thank you

Journeyman III

OK, so I kinda figured out most everything that came in the package, AMD should have a list of included parts and exactly what they are for, come AMD, it is the professional thing to do. I have the extender squarish bracket that attaches with 4 screws, it isn't to help with cooling because it is steel and not aluminum like the little oddly shaped handle thing that there are only 2 of the 3 screws included for, the third screw is a flathead tiny screw with the smallest stardrive I have ever seen. Didn't see a little star drive included and instructions on where it might be supposed to go, oh, and what about the 3rd hole in the handle? which side does it attach from, why is it there? I am about to boot it up and expect wonderous things, but al the while I will be asking myself, WTF is up with the missing screw and the screw that fits nothing and is next to impossible to tighten. Unless this is a bad attempt at humor, what exactly, precisely, completely are these things in the box for? The minute star drive screw takes the cake, could have to spend a bit more to see if you could make a screw with a star drive that small that has a pin in the middle as some do. I would rather have had an extra fan than the mystery materials.