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Journeyman III

radeon hd 6700m is opencl does not work with adobe

my laptop radeon hd 6700m is does not support adobe premiere pro cc 2017

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You can ask AMD support here: Online Service Request | AMD 

I don't believe that series is supported by current drivers. The only driver is the one that comes with windows. So you may be out of luck. You might want to ask Adobe support. It's a shame AMD chose to not continue support on those pre GCN products as DX 11 and Open GL still perform just fine on them. They just lack current drivers.


Here are the System Requirements for Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Adobe Premiere Pro CC System Requirements 

Recommended OpenCL AMD GPU Cards from above link:

Interesting though that neither the RX 580 or my RTX 2060 are listed as compatible but both do accelerate in Premiere. They do gear this toward pro level hardware.


Seems like Adobe prefers Professional Graphics Cards to be used. But as long as the Consumer Graphics card meets the minimum requirement it should work. How well I don't know.

me neither! :-)


Need to specify which HD6700m GPU card you have. This one - HD6750m has only 1 gigabyte of VRam: AMD Radeon HD 6750M Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database 

I looked at the three HD 67xxM mentioned at the above link and they have one gigabyte of vRAM which would make it not compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CC which needs a minimum of two gigabytes of vRAM.


I don't think he will have any luck with this. That 6xxx series went legacy when when the CCC was retired. There was only one beta adrenaline legacy driver ever released and not for Windows 10.

Journeyman III

I really get annoyed with having to buy a new computer because adobe keep updating their software. My sealed expensive mac wont enable me to upgrade my graphics card. Have 4 macs and out of date for 2020 spec software.

So now im going to stop buying macs even though i love them. And will buy pcs so i can simply unscrew back and update with new graphics card in 10 mins. And software that doesn't need updating every year.

And whats with the standard 8gb ram on most macs - when to do any modern editing you need 5 zillion gb of ram.

So congrats MAC and Adobe - this strategy of getting customers to keep buying new stuff just to keep up to date might backfire.

And half the time the new improvement are so niche only 2% of the users will actually be using the new functions.

Rant over -  Bank account Lower -