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R9 270x memory diagnostics

I got a R9 270x that was showing vertical corruption lines on the screen, now for some reason they dissapeared and drivers started to work, but games still crash. Yes I made sure to update drivers and I tried different GPU.

What I want to know is how can I test the vram and how to find the faulty chip as in this condition, the card is usseles.

Any advise is welcome.

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I also noticed when I underclock the memory while idling, it starts arteffecting and when I enter the game (while arteffecting), the arteffects are gone, the game doesn't crash and it runs completely fine, no crashes for 3 hours.


The card in question:


I used OCCT to stress the memory and It passed no issues, but games (APEX) crashes saying the engine stopped because of poorly executed requests sent by the game

Journeyman III

Did you somehow manage to fix it? I'm trying to run apex but I keep getting the same error.


Does your GPU crash only in APEX or is it performing the same as mine did, I did menage to fix mine and it is running fine now, I wouldn't reccomend you to do the same thing if you have only one game crashing, try to reinstall the game and verify file integrity. Also test your HDD because I had a dying Hitachi drive that kept causing APEX to crash.