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Journeyman III

R7 M360 is always running


Firstly, English is my second language so I may make some errors, sorry for that.

I was using AMD VGA driver version no 15.201.1001.1002 on my Lenovo Ideapad 500-15ISK-80NT laptop. But I can not manage switchable graphics i mean, i.e I can not start Minecraft on Radeon R7 M360 so I decided to try a newer driver version. I downloaded and installed Adrenalin 2020 20.4.2 version and it solved my problem.(I can run Minecraft on my R7 M360 so far). But I realized that my GPU is always on after downloading the Adrenalin version. Before, I always use MSI Afterburner to track GPU clock to ensure my GPU whether is on or not. Normally, while I was surfing the net or I opened Minecraft, those clocks never did not change, always 0. But now, in the idle (when nothing is opened) clocks are 300 MHz. When I open the browser, those clocks are changing. Also, when I choose the eSports mode in the Radeon software every app are affected by that(for example discord, Yandex browser, etc.) Every program is opened on my r7 m360 GPU. How can I fix that? That weird thing did not happen 15.201.1001.1002 but it does not allow me to switchable graphic settings properly.

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Check what power plan you are using.

20.4.2 adds in some extra options.


The latest AMD Drivers don't have switchable graphic settings anymore. The Switchable Graphic Settings from Radeon Settings has be moved & replaced by Windows Settings - Display.