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Journeyman III

R7 m260 fps drop CSGO HELPPPP

R7 m260

Notebook Dell Inspiron 5547 i7

Windows 10 64bit

8gb RAM

And having fps drop playing csgo, the driver is updated with the radeon software, i dont know why i only have problems with fps playing csgo, cuz playing league of legends i dont have problems and neither while playing GTA V(yeah gta v). I already tried all versions of the driver and same problem

With radeon software my driver was update to 7/11/2018(R7 m260), but when i go in device manager and choose to update r7 m260 the windows install the driver of r7 m265 6/22/2015

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Journeyman III

I noticed that catalyst and crimson driver bug, mostly catalyst. So, there's a way to download the driver without them? 


When you are running the install package, you can close the driver installer when it opens, and install the driver INF manually instead.

Open Device Manager, drop down Display Adapters, right-click your GPU, select Update Device Driver, select Browser my computer for driver software, enter your C:\AMD\(driver package version)\Packages\Driver\Display path in the box, check off Include Subfolders, then click Next. Once done, check device manager and verify that your GPU is detected as an AMD GPU and not a VGA/Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

did, but changed nothing