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R7 260x Artifacts Since Crimson Drivers - RX 460 Win 10

Hello i am (maybe not anymore) an amd lover. Used old AMD cpu's, gpu's etc etc.. also recently bought Ryzen cpu.

Since 1 year or i guess since crimson drivers released i am facing with random time, random place of screen and  small size, artifacts, flickers or something like that(couldnt describe good than this). They are appearing random and not covering all of my screen(small sized)

But its really disgusting and sometimes they make my pc usage so hard... every driver update i always had a hope but every driver update i dissapointed.. i see lots of subjects about this.. all users who is facing with this is really waiting a fix.

its clearly a software issue because when i relaunch game it dissapears. Also if its appearing at game phase, i can sometimes fix it with ALT TAB windows and back to the game.

if its appearing during web browsing or at windows, when i restart pc it dissaperas. never face it at bios or boot screen.

My gpu is AMD r7 260x using it with 460w psu Windows 10 x64 latest. AMD drivers are latest.

(I tried DDU and reinstall drivers.)

My gpu tempatures are normal (idle 30-35 max 80-85)

Just please an offical response. as i said at topic, i dont wanna give up about trusting AMD.

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Noobs will be noobs, until they read/learn the capabilities of their pc.

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you didn't give much information but I will do my best with what you did say. Your video card is a minimum 450 watt power supply. You say you have 460 but that really is still right at the minimum. Now not saying you have a bad power supply (especially since you gave no model or other information) plus you gave no model of your video card so we don't know what model R7 260x. Your model video card if it is an Overclock Edition for instance may have even higher requirement. In addition not all power supplies are created equal, and many makers self imposed ratings fall short of their claims. Meaning just because it says it's 460 doesn't mean it is doing it, or it might have at one time but is no longer in good working order.

I would try or maybe have a friend try your card in another machine that meets requirements and see if things change. Your problem, conditions your describing sure sounds like a power issue or overheating issue maybe. Was this card brand new to you? Did it ever work correctly?

Thanks for the answer. This card is 2.5 years old sapphire r7 260x and first 1 or 1.5 year it worked great with my same cpu. as i wrote after crimson the problem has started. thats why i am nearly sure about its a driver issue. i reinstall windows a few times also recenly changed my mobo and cpu (to ryzen). PSU.. hmm maybe but it was working fine before those updates. i dont know its very boring problem.. it appeareas random and generally there is no problem but if it appeareas; black and white squares or some vertical/horizantal lines like corrupted texture, artifact.

and sorry for my broken english

edit: also did furmark test several times at %100 load after 10 min max tempeture is 81-82 i guess its pretty normal for modern gpu's. and also at test never faced with that problem.

just need an attention as a customer when the problem is %90 about amd... maybe a fix patch etc...


What you describe does not sound like the current known issues with drivers. The big current fix that helps most issues from drivers is find power limit slider in wattman  in radeon settings and slide it to the right to its maximum positive position, ie. +50 posibly 20 or 75 even, not sure what your cards max is. You could certainly try this. Does going back to the driver that once worked fix things for you? Have you even tried that? If it does you know it is a software issue at least. If not (and is sure sounds like this is the issue to me) you probably have a hardware issue that no driver will fix. I say this because the symptoms you are explaining just flat out sound heat related. Do you now for sure that your fans are spinning fast under load. Have you tried setting a custom fan profile to spin them a full speed? I'd start there testing. Set the power limit to max and set the fan to 100% see if the issues go away. If it does leave the the power limit at max and you can play with a fan setting more pleasing to your ears that still cools efficiently.

If that does not fix it. Load last known good driver. If that fixes things you know where the issue is. has a large repository of old drivers if you need to download one.


Thanks for the answer again. I have been using pc for about 20 years and can track my gpu tempeture which seems pretty normal. (30 idle max 81-82, i know those gpu's can reach to 90+) thats why i never tried custom fan profiles or working fan at full speed. why i think its software issue because whenever i restart the game or restarting windows (any game it happens, rarely) (if it happens at game) it dissappears. The power limit slide is the point maybe. it came with an update (am i know wrong ?) and after this update i faced it. i will research it. but maybe amd can research it too. because i am not the only one with facing same problem. when you google it (as artifact flickers after driver update etc.) you can see alot of topics. thanks again.


Just set the power limit at max and get back to us.


Couldnt find it at watmann settings, how can i do that ? and if i do that my tempature will rise ?

edit: i found it. it default to 0. should i rise to max (20 is max) you mean ?

well i tried to activate FRTC (frame rate target control) and lock it to 60 fps seems fix (But it is not testable issue it happens rarely and random.) so i mean i wish it fixed.

edit2: nevermind, setting for FRTC didnt fix it. i still have question about power limit, should i rise it to 20 or lower ?


yes set it to the max for your card, if 20 is as far as it will go then yes 20 is where you should set it. Try it and let me know if that fixed things. Even at max of 20 it is in the operating range of your card. It is normal at should not cause any difference in heat worth worrying about.


it didnt fix really. it happened a few mins ago again. Well the only fix i have for a try is rolling back driver 15.x.x'ones i mean old driver. BUT I DONT HAVE TO as a customer. if you can google for it you can see alot of users has fixed the issue by rolling back driver back to do 15's (i guess before crimson it means.)

So there is only two option on hand. driver issue or gpu. i ran alot of test for gpu issue. Furmark, OCCT, Video memory stress test, etc etc all passed. so as i write above drivers...

As i said before i am using amd for 10 or more years, cpu's and gpu's... also always advicing people in my around. but this software side... today i played pubg and my friend have 2 core intel cpu with and gtx 750ti get alot higher fps (like 10+) i have ryzen 1200 @3.5ghz, he has 2 core, gpu powers is nearly same. oh come on...

Other fix maybe i will destroy all my amd products and let my self go another way. Thanks by the way. i wish developers read here (or there where people facing same thing like me)


If Pokester's suggestion doesn't help then consider this...

Artifacts are a real bad sign.

My  powercolour R9290x had exactly the same issue at 25 months. Tried in two of my computers, same artifacts/vertical stripe. No warranty. Garbaged/recycled

Check with Sapphire to see if there is still warranty.

The gpu temp you mention is for the video chip and doesn't show the heat of Video memory which is just as susceptible or any of the other circuits that could be just toast.

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List your psu's brand name. If it's a cheap brand it could be the problem.

Hello its TX Sonic 460w PSU and using it without any problem for a while. Also the important thing is i have been using this card with that PSU for a year without a problem.


Not familiar with Sonic. Is this maybe a Seasonic? If so what model #. Regardless of maker. It it still is close to minimal specs and as you already said it was working now it's not. So something changed. So question is driver, card, mb or ps. I still have not seen where you said if you set your power limit to +20 yet and if that helped or not? I would still start there. Not saying it is a power supply problem, it could just be the the card is power starved. This could easily be fixed by raising the power limit. But power supplies commonly begin to trail the power off not meeting their original spec when on the way out so just because something worked before doesn't mean it still is. Just set the power limit, if that doesn't take care of it. Try your card in another machine if you can. If not maybe you could buy a power supply retail and take it back if that doesn't fix it? I know it's frustrating but we will figure it out. Just gotta eliminate the variable one at a time.


i replied at top, could you please check it ? its seems not a power issue for me because sliding %20 more power doesnt give any system failure. also i run psu stress test too. check my answer please. thanks for the answer.


No sorry I don't see where you said you did that. Changing to +20 shouldn't cause system failure.  Are you thinking it should? Maybe something getting lost in translation.

Now are you saying you can go back to older drivers and the problem goes away? If so load the older drivers. We aren't AMD employees only a couple people on here are. This isn't the place to report driver bugs officially to AMD. This is people trying to help you get back gaming or whatever, base on our experiences. Just sharing our knowledge. If you already know an old driver works then yah, it's likely a driver issue. If changing none of the settings like setting the power limit to max don't help. Not sure what more any of us can do. I think you just need to report it to AMD.

I'd just reload the last driver you know worked then try the new ones as they come out.

Good luck! I realize this situation is far from optimal....

I know you are not from amd. but its an amd offical forum right ? am i writing to anywhere else ?

thats why i am here. also as i said i dont have to use old drivers as a customer(dont think just me, think generally, a customer service, after marketing vision) i wish amd fix this yea, still waiting around 1 and half year i wont wait a 1.5 year more i will give my amd card to someone else and guess where i may go in a few hours ? pc sho.., to buy get a new gpu with a solid driver support and high customer service.

this issue is not a world problem for me,and for amd,i am the only one customer they may loose.they wont care i guess.

anyway sorry again with my broken english and thanks for your answers, i wish an amd agent replied me too.


No problem at all glad to help. When you say you won't use the old driver it sounds like you realize it will help but your not going to because the new one should work, so I am going to keep punishing myself. Me I would gladly go back to my life and try the next driver. Many BETA drivers are going to break things, thats why they are beta. However AMD has had many issues for going on a year now in the drivers and I think they know that. As they say to each is own, if you choose to not use a working solution, I can't stop you. This is a forum on the AMD site, yet it is NOT A PLACE TO REPORT BUGS YOU INTEND AMD TO BE AWARE OF, you may or may not get help, AMD may or may not ever see or respond to your post. The link I gave you above IS THE OFFICIAL REPORTING FORM. This will get looked at by AMD and in my experience as long as what you are reporting is an AMD issue, and not one that should have been reported to your cards manufacturer, they get back to you in less than a week. The forum exists because it is full of people who already may have done this and already have a solution without you having to go through all that. Unfortunately, I just don't know what to do about yours, I'm guessing nobody else does either or you probably would already have your answer. Your problem is definitely one you want to official report as you may actually have something new going on. I also suggest you report to your cards maker.

I sure wish you the best of luck!


I sent feedback, i mean bug report, before 2 times, before posting here. Thanks for the nice wishes


EDIT:i Changed psu branda New +80 500w. And i faced it again, small random rare artifact, like flickerin small part of the Screen, any game any time but rare. When i Apply vsync on and off, it always fix. Please amd any response, be sure i am not the only one Who is facing this.

(already done furmark and never face it. İ did furmark for about 30 min. Max tempature 83 after 30 min.)


Any response ?


So are we saying that it now runs fine but with some tearing with Vsync off? But with Vsync on it is all okay?  If so, that sounds normal. I am not from AMD and been very busy at work today so sorry taking so long to get back to you. Was installing wheel chair ramps for a family member yesterday. Sorry to keep you waiting.


No its not about vsync off. i just can fix it with toggle vsync on and off or opposite if its off  to on, fixing... thanks for your answer. the problem is small.. but its disgusting... i am going to change my card but not about this problem, i upgraded ryzen and want to upgrade my gpu too.. and after all i see this amd customer service or after purchase service, i am going to buy an gtx 1050 i guess as an amd lover.

sorry for my broken english


no worries I am glad you know what to do to get it to work. problem with buying a different card right now is actually finding one, and at a reasonable cost. it's pretty much impossible here in the USA.


Any response ? Any ideas from offical post ? Any logic about this subject, Any mind ?

Is this really amd offical forum ? Also tittle editited by mod but its wrong, this subject is not related with RX 460


No the are community forums. Not for official bug reporting. They have a form for that.



Really shame, no one from amd didnt response it But USERS CAN FIX THEIR PROBLEMS TOO, dont they amd?


Noobs will be noobs, until they read/learn the capabilities of their pc.

Ryzen 5 5600x, B550 aorus pro ac, Hyper 212 black, 2 x 16gb F4-3600c16dgtzn kit, NM790 2TB, Nitro+RX6900XT, RM850, Win.10 Pro., LC27G55T..

Hahah you are right bro   amd never can fixed it, on my subject, or any other past topics at internet database... so refer to your statement, amd is noob

anyways thank you all guys, who helped here. and thank you for amd quick and good solution