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Journeyman III

Questions about specifics to do with the MSI RX 570 8GB GDDR5

Hello AMD staff and forum members, 


I am interested in purchasing a second MSI RX 570 8GB GDDR5 for CrossFire purposes.

1) Does the amount of GRAPHIC RAM available when playing a game double to 16GB when using CrossFire?

2) How does Bridgeless CrossFire work, I am only familiar with R9 270 Bridged Crossfire.


Thanks for the tips in advance. 



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For your questions:

1 - Nop. But some games may show doubled available memory. CF uses ram from only one card but roughly almost doubles the power.
2 - The Bridgless Crossfire works just fine.

For the rest:
That would depend on what will you do with the crossfire.

Some games scaled well, others it was worst than just one card.
Not all productivity suites scale well too.

Then there's the cost and if its just not better a single more powerful card.
Less hassle in setting up things.

Search a bit on the tube.

Sometimes it does scale well

Other, won't


If you are short on money and can grab another Polaris for well under 100, you may have a fighting chance to get a... GTX1080. At the time it WAS A GREAT VALUE, today You might as well get a 6600 non XT used in Amazon for 220ish.

Final Say:

If its just for curiosity and you can pay for it, by all means, do it!

The Englishman