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Journeyman III

Problems with LG DualUp Monitor

Who has had experience with the LG DualUp Monitor with a vertical orientation: 2880 x 2560 driven by the RX 6800 GPU?
We purchased an LG DualUp monitor last December for work and leisure use. However, this monitor has given us nothing but headaches and many hours of lost time. It appears that few application understand the resolution of the DualUp Monitor giving rise to distorted screens. Some applications give strange images stretched vertically, for example the game Besiege cannot be made to display correctly. We also experience system hangs. The hangups occur when we use an application on full screen mode. Many hours have been wasted trying to find fixes or workarounds for these problems, trying different cables, different settings and so on. The system hangs can only be solved by turning power off, causing loss of data and risk of corrupting the system files.
We have dual boot Mac Pro 5,1 desktop computers with OpenCore installed and running macOS Monterey 12.6.6 and Windows 11 Pro (with license key) on two separate NVMe boot disks. The problems occur in both operating systems on the machine with the LG DualUp monitor. We have another identical Mac Pro desktop computer with identical NVMe drives, running identical operating systems, and equipped with the same GPU, that is using a 4K Samsung monitor. The monitor in the ONLY piece of significant hardware that differs on these machines. These problems do not occur on that machine. We use the same software on both machines, and the distorted images and frequent system hangups only occur on the computer with the LG DualUp monitor.
We have made many attempts through the LG Website to reach Customer Service. Here too, nothing works. After spending time filling in the long and detailed forms (not at all intuitive; this monitor is not listed under computer monitors but under televisions) we attempt to send the information, and we get a message saying: Systeemfout (Dutch: System Error). Nothing we have tried has made it possible to get attention from LG Customer Service.
Amazon has agreed to take the monitor back and give a full refund, but I am hoping that this can be resolved. The monitor happens to be perfect for the space on the desk, and that is why it was purchased (see photograph). This post is our last attempt to find a solution. We hope that someone who knows what to do can help. Otherwise, the monitor will be returned.

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