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Problem with Graphic Card RX 550

Hello, I am writing this post so that someone with experience in using AMD graphics gives me their choice, criteria or help, as I have regularly used NVIDIA and have never had problems with it. The problem is with a Gigabyte Radeon RX 550 Gaming OC 2GB, and it is that when you run any game, even emulators, at some point, at the beginning or mid, the application breaks and gives an error supposedly associated to the Drivers. It happens only with games, the PC works correctly doing anything else, even with high workloads. I have tried with different versions of Windows 10, with different versions of drivers (older or newer), even downloaded from the GIGABYTE page, and in essence the problem persists, in some cases it even restarts the PC. If the followers or more veterans with this brand could enlighten me, I would appreciate it. Regards...

2 Replies

try the 19.5.2 driver

Raise your power limit slider to it's maximum in Radeon Settings / Gaming / Global Settings (top left corner) / Global Wattman. This should help this issue. Go positive to its max not negative. The number  for that cards max should be between 20 and 50.