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Journeyman III

Problem running a legacy card and a new card

I currently use an RX 580 for my main monitor. I got it for free from a friend because he used it as a mining card so it only has one output. I have an AMD Ryzen 2600 and it has no integrated graphics so I bought a legacy card. It's an AMD Sapphire HD 5450 1GB. My only issue is that when I plug it in and run it it doesn't work. It is recognized in my bios and device manager. I took out my 580 and I was able to run the card no problem, i'm guessing this is an issue with the bios. Another problem I have is that my 580 seems to run worse when I have the old drivers for the HD 5450 installed. Any help or info is appreciated!

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The HD 6000 series and earlier cannot be run with an HD 7000 series and newer card.