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Journeyman III

Pc crashing in a weird way during gaming.

Hi, I hope you can help, for a week I have been struggling and there is no improvement in the matter. Here's the problem, while I'm in a game, for example, CS GO, Fortnite or NFS Payback, the screen just freezes, after about 10 seconds a yellow screen pops up and glitched audio like the one that appears on a blue screen, then the monitor goes blank and shows no signal.The driver I was using is 19.9.2, but then I thought it was from the driver and I would wait for the other one, then the same problem came up on 19.10.1 and now again on 19.10.2 the same problem again. I tried to reinstall the driver with DDU, it didn't work, I tried to remove card clock, nothing again, I disassembled the entire computer, removed the CPU thermal paste to see if there were any pin curves well, because I read somewhere that there might be such a problem, the processor pins are perfectly straight. Here are the parts on the computer ..
ASROCK B450 Pro 4
Ryzen 2600
16GB DDR4 Gskill 3000mhz (not sure about the exact memory name)
XFX RX580 8GB clocked at 1400mhz core clock at 1.2 wattage and 2250 memory at 1.1 wattage
Corsair RM850x
San Disk ultra ssd 1tb

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