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Optimizing dual MSI Airboost Vega 56's (Hynix HBM2) ????

It was hard enough optimizing my Powercolor 56 Vega (reference) with Samsung memory. These 2 babies have Hynix memory which is inferior and memory can't be overclocked as well as with Samsung memory. If anyone can give me tips from their experience in optimizing this card, please let me know. Please be systematic and organized with your explanations I am older and I do not like steps being left out because somebody makes assumptions they should not make.  I do really appreciate some knowledgeable help. Thanks.  Also I am starting to see many benchmarks and games are NOT ideally set for crossfire. Like Superposition.  It is NOT the gpus they are fine by themselves. If you have a good profile to share with me I will appreciate it.

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