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Journeyman III

No amd control panel in AMD PRO 18.50 drivers for Linux Ubuntu

Just did a new install on a friends computer of Linux Mint 19.1. He has a new AMD RX 570 PCIe video card. 16gb of ram. A terabyte HDD. And a Intel Pentium G3258 @ 3.2ghz X2 . System uses Cinnamon desktop. I've done this a number of times and no problems BUT not with the new drivers this year or on Mint 19.1. Linux Mint before but not 19.1.  Video drivers work great. Vulkan works great and Vulkan info works fine. Open GL is really sweet. 

But the problem is there is no AMD control center and of course the old GKSU amdcccle does not work. Checked panel menu editor to see if it was hidden but it is not there. Nor can I find anywhere to call up the control panel with a command line command in terminal. I have spent about 3 hours now looking for anyway to make it show. And I don't remember any errors when I installed the drivers either. (I removed the -y on the install as many people said to do due to most people having install failures) So I actually saw it install as a note of record. 

So if anyone has any ideas what is going on or how to fix it, I sure would be appreciative. Thanks!

PS. It actually was installed into Linux mint 19.1 not Ubuntu but it is based on 18.04 and I used the tip to temp change the system message as to what the system was to allow install into Linux Mint. And yes it works.)

***EDIT*** I just uninstalled the drivers using the amd uninstall command. Then restart computer. Then did apt-get autoremove to make sure it was clean. Then reinstalled drivers. No control panel. This is useless. I cannot adjust anything. Can't turn on 144hz for the monitor, can't enable freesync. Can't set anything. I really need some help on this. I am going to uninstall again. The run the ./amdgpu-install without the pro. Then see if I have a control panel. OK back. well that did not work, still no control center for AMD. Never had this problem prior. This is weird. Maybe i should try a older driver and see what happens.

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