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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

New World black Screens

AMD Vega 56 + Windows 11

Driver Version: 

Adrenalin 21.10.2 Optional

New World


Playing the game for a short time and than all monitores(two) getting black an a Fan is spinning very fast(loud). I only can push the power button and restart my pc. The problem only appears if i play new world.

2 Replies

Stop playing new world..

I really can't understand why people are so intent on playing this game despite the serious issues that it has and seemingly still causes people.

Even if it is 'fixed' I'd never have any faith in something that's caused the issues it has.



"problem only appears if I play new world" is your only issue, along with so many others and the common denominator. To many people accept the fact that what should be a finished product when it apparently is not. One reason why I may play it in the future, but with it's current state it's not happening.

It's bad enough that people buy vehicles that might look good, but one you get close you can see the ripples in the paint in what's called "orange peel". Keep in mind people spend thousands and think it's acceptable. Same thing.

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