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Journeyman III

New RX 580 artifacts

Hello guys. I bought an rx 580 about a week ago and sometimes the screen freezes, artifacts (green squares) appear and then the display goes black for a few seconds. After this I get the "driver timeout" error from Radeon Software (version: 20.11.2). The weird thing is that this has only happened while the gpu was "idle" - I wasn't playing any game, just browsing youtube and steam. The temperature was normal (about 30° C) and the gpu usage was low. Games run perfectly - no crashes whatsoever and the highest temperature reached was 78°C, which I believe is normal. I have already reinstalled the drivers and the problem seemed to have disappeared for a while, but the it happened again. My question is: Is this a driver issue or is my GPU faulty? Should I rma it?

My specs: i3 8100 3.6 GHz, rx 580 8 GB OC edition, 16 GB ram, psu: Seasonic S12III 550W
I have a Lenovo Legion y25f monitor connected to the rx 580 via DisplayPort.
I also ran an occt stress test and got no errors.
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Adept II

What OS do you run? Windows, Linux distro, MacOS?


Windows 10.


hello , try to disable hardware acceleration in internet browser to see if it helps .... but green artefact is never a good sign for vram if the card is not overclocked .. try to raise fan curve maybe if you see this artefacts and see if it helps


That VRAM temp is a bit high, 90c is peak, 80c is marginal. The closer you get to max the more likely it will do that. I would do what @xlox said and turn off any zero RPM fan options for starters and raise the curve some. Check your case airflow, etc.

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